Where should I head to now? I asked myself as one of my many passions is to travel and experience the many beautiful destinations around the world. This time around, I opted to stay close to home and travel to Colorado. Gateway Canyon Resort was to be my next travel destination, a fabulous choice I must add, as I can’t seem to stop thinking of how spectacular my entire trip turned out to be.


Upon my arrival at the Gran Junction airport, I was greeted by one of their driver who was very pleasant and talkative. We headed towards the resort which is approximately an hour and 1/2 from the airport. The view was spectacular, but nothing prepared me for the magnificence neighboring of the Gateway Canyon Resort located in the secluded Unaweep Canyon of Western Colorado, surrounded by the vast lands of the Uncompahgre Plateau, Pinon Mesa and La Sal Mountain, you can imagine that, to be in this lavish resort at the base of 5 canyons with a dramatic view of an enormous red rock palisade, mountains and mesas, was like no other experience I have had.


The One-bedroom suite Casita I stayed in was very spacious and cozy, and showcased beautiful Southwestern influenced décor with custom artisan furnishings from Peru; and their amenities were very “luxe” to say the least; two gas kiva fireplaces in both the living room and master bedroom, vaulted open ceilings, views of the Palisade from every window in the unit, outdoor shower, 5-fixture bathrooms with free standing tub, private deck with a fire pit and an outdoor spa. The perfect location for the perfect getaway.


Once I was settled in, I decided it was time to visit the resort and checkout their other exceptional offerings. My first stop? The Gateway Colorado Auto Museum with an abundance of classic American Automobiles. There were every classic car I could imagine and the stories that went with them were very informative and enriching; this vintage automobile museum really depicts American history of the past century. After walking around the museum, I met our group and we were all treated to a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Ron Rhiver. Dinner was delicious and the wines paired with each plate were the perfect combination.


For the next few days, we were all off to driving ATVs up into the mountains, horseback riding and participating in their “Driving Experience” for a cruise down the highway and back. They have muscle cars and luxury automobiles available, such as the likes of convertible Mercedes Benz, Porsche, the Bentley Continental GT (which is what I drove, but this I have to save for another write-up!) and many others. Boy and did I feel adventurous! I also flew in a helicopter that took us all over the canyons and the beautiful surrounding greeneries. There are many outdoor activities offered at this resort, you can relax and enjoy the beauty in front of you, swimming in any of their two pools, walking the grounds or enjoying the privacy of your own outdoor spa, whatever you need or want, Gateway Canyon Resort has; and I did all of them, but a visit to their Spa was a “must”. Once I arrived at their Spa, I was taken to a cozy room with exquisite aromas and the most comfortable massage table I’ve experience, I guess my muscles were ready to set aside the great adventures and opt for a body and soul exuberant experience. My choice? The “Jade & Burdock Sachet” with a Swedish Massage add-on. This treatment left me relaxed, rejuvenated and mentally clear. It consisted of a detoxification process with a choice of a detoxifying or slimming elixir, allowing the power of the jade & burdock sachet to stimulate proper circulation, removing toxins and increasing chi to aid in the body’s natural detoxification process. Warming pillows were placed over acupressure points around the digestive tract to rebalance, while acupressure points were massaged to connect with specific areas of the body. Can you envision it?.. Need I say more?… A total Bliss!


For the remaining time I had left at the Resort, I visited Red Cliffs where we had a country picnic, explored the scenic Dolores River Canyon to discover a historical engineering wonder, succumb in the sun by their poolside, savor delicious plates, and I even enjoyed a game of pool at their well-stocked bar; in other words, I truly enjoyed my stayed to the fullest.

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In conclusion, Gateway Canyons Resort offers a extraordinary experiences! Whether you are looking for adventure, culinary experience or relaxation, you are bound to find it at this 5 plus star resort. It is World Class and a place I hardly recommend to those who seek that “hidden treasure” destination.