A Guide to Shipping Overseas

A Guide to Shipping Overseas

For small and medium sized ecommerce businesses, shipping overseas might be a brand-new prospect. Rather than being a daunting prospect, sending packages abroad can be a simple process when you know how, as well as opening up key opportunities for you to boost your profits.

In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of some of the considerations you should make when sending business packages abroad:

Packaging Considerations | First of all, you need to make sure that your packaging can cope with the long journey it’s about to take. You’ll want a sturdy and secure box, with plenty of padding inside so that your products don’t get damaged. Use bubble wrap, polystyrene and even old newspapers to protect the contents of your parcel.

This is especially important if you’re shipping fragile items – no one wants to receive a broken product in the post and it could lead to complex (and costly) returns/refund procedures for your business.

When labelling your package, make sure your addresses are accurate as they’re likely to travel hundreds of miles through a global delivery network. Also, make sure the label is secured on the top of the box as it will help your couriers make sure your parcel is kept in an upright position during transit.

Shipping Options | When doing business abroad, some of the considerations you’ll have to make include ensuring international payments work on your website, as well as finding a way for your business to support foreign currencies.

Offer your international customers a variety of delivery options by using a trusted delivery company like TNT. With both fast and economy delivery options available, you can find a delivery solution to suit your business, as well as keeping your customers happy with the range of deliveries you can offer them.

Customs | When exporting items abroad, you must make sure you have the right paperwork arranged to avoid any potential delays or extra charges at customs.

Accurate paperwork and insurance documents can minimise the risk of any problems during transportation. An expert delivery company will have the information you require if you need advice about what forms and tariffs are expected from you when shipping abroad. However, you can always use the handy guide that’s available on the GOV.uk website, too.

Follow our brief guide when your business is shipping items abroad to make sure you have the smooth process and that your package doesn’t get stopped at customs. When you use a professional delivery company, you and your customers have more choice, giving you both a happier shipping experience.

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