Here’s How You Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Even though not all of us are the biggest fans of winter, unfortunately, we still have to prepare for this cold and unforgiving season. We’d all love to swim at the beach, suntan in our garden, and hang out at outdoor BBQs all year round! Still, when the cold weather arrives, this not only puts an end to summer activities but it also means that we have to take special care of our hair. Winter hair health helps to prevent damage during cold weather and combats static, frizz, dryness, and flat hair. These are our tips to ensure your hair looks great for spring.

Always remember scalp hydration

It’s true that wearing beanies and other hats is necessary to prevent snow, wind, and rain from damaging our hair, it sadly also means that your scalp will get less moisture. A dry, flaky scalp is a sign that your hair needs better hydration, so make sure you use leave-in conditioners and hair oils to give more moisture to your locks. Rub these treatments onto your scalp and let them rest for around 25 minutes. Afterward, wash and condition your hair like normal. You might need to buy anti-flaking shampoo if your hair gets really affected by dryness in the winter.

Ease up on washing your hair

You should really only be washing your hair every day if you think your hair and scalp get very oily. Scalps produce natural oils that help to moisturize and protect the hair against winter weather, however, washing your hair every day removes these oils and this creates a dryer scalp. Shampooing 2-3 times a week is recommended, but check your hair type to see if your locks can handle it. A good idea might be to actually cut your hair short so that there is less to style and care for! For any blondes out there, there are so many short blonde hairstyles that look cute and trendy, as these reduce the amount of maintenance and you can re-grow your hair for the summer if you want.

Only go outside when your hair is dry

Many of us are a bit frantic in the mornings, but make sure you go outside with your hair dried and styled. Wet hair means breakage and color fading is more likely when you go into cold temperatures and harsh winds. Air-drying is always the safest option for your hair, but if you must use a blow-dryer, then use the cold setting or a cotton towel to gently pat your hair dry.

Consider dry shampoos

Flat, distorted air is a common sight in winter when you’ve encountered winds and been wearing a hat, but we recommend dry shampoo to help solve those issues. When you’re indoors, put a small amount into your hand and run it through your hair and scalp to help create more volume and bring back moisture. You can carry a small bottle in your purse or your car when you need it the most.

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Here’s How You Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter