High-Quality Standards For Infant Nutrition

When choosing nutrition for your little one, the quality of ingredients must meet all the requirements needed for health, growth, and development without sacrificing organic standards.

It is well known that European organic infant formula, food, and clothing are considerably better for personal and environmental health than conventional options.

In the United States, the FDA is reasonable for the very general guidelines of suitable ingredients in infant formula. As long as an ingredient is deemed safe for consumption and free of contaminants, it can be included in baby formula.

This includes, but is not limited to, chemicals, sugars, and GMO’s that may be used in formula regardless of the dangers or lack of benefits to your little one’s health.

Organic also has a very different meaning when it comes to a baby formula sold over-the-counter in the United States.

While there may not be chemicals in the actual baby formula, pesticides and other undesirable chemicals are used in the farming and production stages of manufacturing, even if the brand is listed as organic.

European Caliber Baby Formula

On the other hand, the European Commission has very high standards for ingredients used in baby formula and foods.

European baby formulas use 100% grass-fed animal milk sugars (lactose) as the main carbohydrate and cannot have sucrose or other non-organic sugars to be added.

Most preservatives such as pectins, fructans, and carrageenan are also banned in European food of any kind, so you will never find them in baby formula.

The majority of European baby formula brands such as HiPP, Holle, and Loulouka not only follow these stringent guidelines, they surpass them.

European baby food brands are certified organic from soil to production. Ensuring that your little one’s nutrition will be free from pesticides, GMO ingredients, and sucrose is a European priority.

Best for Baby, Best for the Environment

After some research, we can highlight one of the best European organic baby formula for our readers: Loulouka stage 2 baby formula.

Loulouka is a Swiss-made formula with all essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients a baby needs, such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. These essential ingredients allow your baby to grow up strong and healthy.

This formula was developed over many years by a team with more than a decade of experience in the baby formula industry. When sourcing ingredients, Loulouka made the impressive decision to replace palm oil with traditional coconut oil.

The outcome of this change allows for better absorption and gastrointestinal health for babies and parents to have a chance to be a part of a more sustainable and eco-friendly process.

Healthy Lifestyle

European baby formulas, without question, have the purest ingredients sourced from chemical and pesticide-free environments.

Filled with all the vitamins, minerals, and organic nutrients, your little one needs to grow and thrive, European baby formula is truly the nutrition your baby deserves.

Giving your infant a healthy beginning builds a foundation for a healthy future. Give yourself the boost you need to raise your little one by keeping your health in check so you can live a lifestyle that you both can enjoy.

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High-Quality Standards For Infant Nutrition