Are you planning on securing your valuables at home? The best way you can do so is by investing in a quality home safe. While there might be different home safes in the market, buying one is not as straightforward as buying other items.  You have to follow the right tips to ensure you get a quality safe for your home. 

Since buying a safe is a long-term investment, you have to approach the whole idea with an open mind. You have to listen to ideas, research, and find a reliable seller.  When you are ready to do the purchasing, the below tips from experts will guide you on finding a suitable device. 

Invest in a Heavier Safe

While some of the heaviest safes are the most expensive, they are crucial for your home.  There are two reasons why you need to find yourself a quality and a heavier safe. First, they are not movable, and secondly, no one can easily tamper with them. If needing a safe, this list represents some of the quality safes fit for your home. Quality and heavier safes provide extra security to your valuables at home, even when someone tries to break them. 

It would be best to get a quality safe with steel metal and not iron sheets.  You have to differentiate between a safe and a lockable box when making the purchase. The thicker the metal casing, the stronger the safe will be.

Follow the 10% Rule

What are you keeping in your safe?  This question is relevant because your safe should protect something 90% more of its value. For instance, if you are storing gold worth $100USD, the safe should at least cost you $10USD. Why these calculations? This idea helps to determine how much you are spending to protect your valuables. 

When having large amounts of money or items with high value, it is essential to invest in a high-quality safe, which will also cost you more. Also, buying an expensive safe to protect something of lesser value will not be a smart move. You have to balance the equation to see that you are getting value for your money with the compartment.  

Mind the Gap

When someone wants to steal from your safe, they always check the gap between the door and the lock. The wider the gap, the easier it will be to tamper with the lock and steal the valuables.  A larger opening also creates a way for one to tamper with the bolts and break the lock. It is crucial to purchase a safe with a tighter door since it gives no way for anyone to tamper with the lock. 

Another reason why you must look keenly at the gap is to keep your valuables safe in case of catastrophes, including fire, water, and insects. The door should not let in any fire sparks, insects, or water as this will damage your valuables. When minding other factors, you should also check the door gap size and how it is sealed to contain the mentioned disasters. 

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Ask About the Lock Options

With technology advancements, home safes now come with different lock options to choose from. The main lock types in the market are manual and digital locks.  While you can go for a lock that fits your preferences, it is crucial to find one that has limited unlocking options. You should not buy a lock that will offer a thief more options to access your safe.  

While electronic safes are faster to open, sometimes they become inconvenient, especially when the power source runs out. There is nothing as inconveniencing as not able to open your safe.  Manual locks have survived for a long time. However, anyone can interfere with the locks. It is essential to look for the best locks that won’t give in easily.

Know the valuables you are storing

What will you store in your safe? That’s one question you need to ask yourself before heading to the market. The item type greatly determines the security, damage concerns, and accessibility of the safe you will want to buy. Depending on the items, you have to know the number of times you will be accessing your safe and opening it.

It is essential to know the things you will keep in your safe, rather than buying the safe and finding valuables to keep. This situation ensures you buy a unit that will perfectly fit your needs. 

While you might have your preferences on the safe you need, it is crucial to follow the above tips to get something practical to hold your valuables securely. When you implement the above tips from experts, you will end up buying something worth your money.