Recipe contests are more than just entering and aiming to win fabulous prizes, it’s about sharing your culinary talents with the world giving more a bigger exposure and also sharpen your cooking skills as well. If you’re the kind of person that fits this type of description, then we can help not only boost your chances of winning, but also help you a recipe contest.

Take heed of the following crucial tips to give yourself a better taste of victory and let everyone know you have what it takes to be the next great chef:

Bonus Tip:

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1.  Follow the Rules

It’s always a good rule of thumb to familiarize yourself with the rules of a contest or giveaway before you enter them. Even recipe contests have certain requirements and specifications that you must meet to be eligible to compete. You will find that there are restrictions about the cooking methods that are allowed, the ingredients you use, the measurements you take and a couple of other details.

Be warned, as some contests are pretty strict on their rules and could get you eliminated if you deter yourself away from even one of their many other requirements. So be sure that the recipe you opt for adheres to the contest rules and the judging criteria.

2.  Be Creative

A true chef would let their creativity flourish without any restrictions. In other words, learn to think outside the box or get out of your comfort zone for a while. Most judges these days are way too familiar with spaghetti and meatball recipes and also beef casseroles. So it’s okay to be a little innovative with the meals we’re sure you’ve learned from other sources.

Try using everyday recipes for a change. Arlene Erlbach, for instance, created the super yummy Blackberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Cups, where you can also find crushed pretzels under them.

You may find that practicing creativity in moderation to be a fun learning experience as you get better which each attempt.

3.  Make it Simple

By this, we mean that you should think about how your recipe will come off to those who wish to try it at home. For example, an average person will find a short and easy essay more appealing than one that is very convoluted and goes on for many pages. Similarly, an average cook or housewife will want to replicate a recipe with ingredients that are easy to find at local stores and simple to use compared to those that are located far overseas and tricky to prepare.

That’s why simpler recipes are much more appealing to amateur cooks and have a better chance of being selected as winners.

4.  Use Sponsor’s Products

Most of the companies put up recipe contests for a number of reasons. They could either use these events to make recipes that they can print on their product’s packaging, or perhaps put together a free ebook or a cookbook that they could sell to their fans.

When choosing a recipe to make for a recipe contest, think about how it could help the sponsor of the event fulfill its goals. For instance, if the sponsor of the recipe contest is a food company, ensure you showcase their products attractively and prominently through your recipes. And if you can incorporate more than one product into the recipe you’re entering into the contest, it could elevate your chances of winning.