The installation of a folding ladder leading to the attic is not difficult, especially since ready-made sets of elements are available on the market. To install it correctly, you need to remember a few things that will allow you to freely use the loft ladder.

Choosing a loft ladder

The loft ladder can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. The market offers segmented versions, which fold or extend to form a single ladder. On the market, there are also scissor loft ladders, which fold like a harmonica, and after being unfolded, they also form a ladder. Both types of loft ladders can be found in the offer of, among others, Fakro. In most cases, the installation of different types of loft ladders is similar. What should be kept in mind when installing them?

What to remember before installing a loft ladder?

Before installing a loft ladder, you should remember the most important dimensions:

  • the opening in the ceiling should have standard dimensions, which will correspond to the size of the purchased loft ladder. They usually range from 50×80 cm to 70×140 cm;
  • the room in which we intend to install the loft ladder should be a maximum of 330 cm high;
  • before installation, check if there is enough space in the room to unfold the loft ladder and climb it without any problems. After unfolding, the ladder should not be too close to the wall, which would prevent us from using it.

How to install a loft ladder?

The folding loft ladder is usually sold as a set of elements for self-assembly. For installation, it is advisable to buy mounting brackets and skirtings, which will mask the gaps around the loft ladder from underneath.

The proper installation of the loft ladder should be carried out from the attic level. If you do the work on your own, unfold the ladder to descend after the installation. What next?

  1. Screw mounting angles to the corners of the loft ladder box, thus reinforcing the construction. Insert the pins into them and place the channels on them.
  2. Insert the loft ladder box with the ladder into the ceiling hole and level it by unscrewing or screwing the mounting angles. The box should be aligned with the ceiling level.
  3. Before screwing the stairs to the ceiling, check whether the diagonal lengths of the box are equal. If not, insert wedges between the ceiling and the box and check again.
  4. Screw the box to the ceiling ‒ screw the screws into the hinges and also use two screws on each side. If the ceiling in which you mount the ladder is reinforced concrete, use wall plugs instead of screws. After screwing the ladder, remove the pins from the angles.
  5. Get down from the attic and unfold the stairs. Adjust their length to the height of the room. If the ladder is too long, cut the lower section to the desired length.
  6. Put the rubber feet on the ends of the ladder, which will rest on the floor and improve the ladder’s stability. Screw them in with screws.
  7. The final stage is to close the hatch and install skirtings. First, connect them with the corners and then press the skirtings into the gaps around the opening.