Envisioning the future of transportation, Turin’s Icona Design excites consumers through creating cutting-edge styling and design in a multitude of verticals, including automotive, mobility, and product. Inspired by “the numbers of nature,” this stunning and asymmetrical new electric catamaran by Icona Design looks like a floating piano.

The Fibonacci electric catamaran is a 54-foot concept yacht, the first yacht design from the studio. It is named after Fibonacci, the famed Italian mathematician of the Middle Ages, who discovered the Fibonacci sequence – which in simple terms applies a sequence of numbers that can be used to geometries nature. The chief nod to the sequence is the ornamental staircases on the sides, giving the yacht a dramatic look, which provides access to the flying upper deck and the helm.

Icona debuts an electric and asymmetrical Fibonacci catamaran design

With an overall shape that looks like a seashell, the compact yacht most defining characteristic is it’s the hardtop that lifts to expose the fly deck. Resembling a grand piano, this design feature is truly special to the Fibonacci and is a remarkable functional feature. Its main deck offers ocean views through its open-space salon from fore and aft. Two en-suite guest cabins come standards, the owner may opt for three, the yacht is also equipped to hold a small tender between the two hulls.

Icona debuts an electric and asymmetrical Fibonacci catamaran design

Building off its ethos of cutting-edge design and the Icona Design’s award-winning Icona Nucleus, its autonomous concept vehicle, Fibonacci, can be seen as a futuristic transport vessel on the water. Together with established companies already in the yachting space, Hydrotec, Terra Modena Mechatronic, and ASG Power, they combined to create a platform that can be adapted to multiple yacht designs.

Icona debuts an electric and asymmetrical Fibonacci catamaran design
Conceived as a day boat more than one for ocean crossings or even extended cruising, the yacht is aimed to attract the younger millennial yachters out there, powered by a pair of 200-kilowatt (270-hp) electric motors suitable for about 12 hours on the water and 12 of lounging about. A max range of 150 miles with a cruising speed at 10 knots with charging as fast as 20 minutes according to the company.

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