Inflatable Ideas, How to Travel with an Inflatable Kayak

There are a lot of ways to pack adventure and activities into your travel time. Depending on how much you like to challenge yourself, you may have some use for a kayak in your travels. A regular kayak can be a real struggle to travel with, and you usually need to make pretty complicated plans to make it happen unless you decide to go with an inflatable kayak instead. There are many advantages an inflatable kayak will give an outdoorsman of any experience level, and being able to easily travel with it is just one of them.

Having an inflatable kayak does not make it completely painless to get around, but it is certainly much more comfortable than a traditional kayak. If you are new to this type of kayak, you may have some questions and concerns about how exactly you are going to get around with it. There is no need to be concerned, as answers are at the ready.

Keep reading for all the tips you need on how to safely travel with your inflatable kayak.

Take It On The Road In Any Vehicle

The greatest possible thing about the inflatable kayak has to be its portability, hands down. Traditional kayaks do have advantages from the solid structure, but they are not practical in a lot of situations. If your model is compact enough, you could throw it on your back and walk or ride a bicycle to your unloading spot. You no longer need a Ute or an SUV to haul around your kayaks, and this gives you a lot more freedom to get out and enjoy the rivers and lakes like mother nature intended.

Easy To Carry

Anyone who has experience with kayaking, in general, knows how difficult some of the larger ones can be to transport. Portaging is not something that any kayaker looks forward to, and it all changed when the inflatable kayak hit the market. You can quickly get around with your kayak in outdoor locations where it would be impossible to take a traditional one. Now you can get to some of those remote locations you have been itching to see.

This rule applies the same way to the indoors as well. It is a real pain to carry a kayak through your garage, home, or anywhere else for that matter. Even the most significant inflatable models will pack up small enough to be carried by one person. It has never been easier to get your kayak wherever you need to go.

Inflatable Kayaks As Checked Luggage On A Plane

If you are going on an overseas kayaking trip, you may have looked into transporting your kayak by plane. Most airlines wouldn’t even consider it, and the ones that do charge a huge fee that you may not be able to afford. With an inflatable kayak, you can now take your kayak with you anywhere around the world you care to go, as deflated, it folds up into a small backpack. Technology and innovation have brought more freedom to kayakers and made it more accessible to everyone.

Get Out On The Creek

Now that you have heard how handy these inflatable kayaks are, you may be thinking of trying one for yourself. There are many options available on the market these days for very reasonable prices. If you are someone who enjoys the water and the outdoors in general, one of the portable paddlers would be perfect for your next summer holiday. So, pack your paddles, inflatable kayak, and your pump, and hit the road for your journey on the water.

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Inflatable Ideas, How to Travel with an Inflatable Kayak