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Inside The World Of Beauty Expert, Aurelia Grossu 

Aurelia Grossu is the founder of Regency Aesthetics, a clinic that offers the latest and best non-surgical cosmetic and facial procedures, from non-surgical facelifts to laser skin treatments and face peels, in the prestigious Harley Street area of central London. An expert in her field, Aurelia makes sure that she personally tests the procedures that the clinic offers for maximum customer satisfaction.

Tell us about your background…
When I founded Regency Aesthetics, I wanted to open a place in London that would have the latest technology in aesthetic medicine as well as latest beauty treatments, all under one roof. 

How did you get into the industry?
I have personally tested every single treatment and I have found that in terms of value for money and great quality, I couldn’t find anything that had both and really gave me what I needed, so I decided to create the clinic I would be going to. Our doctors all have many years of experience, specializing in “pressing pause” on the ageing process, like Dr Kishan Raichura. We were able to bring the best value on treatments like Endosphere as well as unique packages, such as Regency Royale and combining injections and hydration treatments.

Inside The World Of Beauty Expert, Aurelia Grossu Who is your patient?
Our patient is the kind of person who wants to live and look their best, someone who understands that coming to us will not give them an unnatural look or features that don’t suit them. Female and increasingly, more and more male patients come to us exactly for the reason because they want to look good, not plastic!  Even better, the patients we love working with are those that take a holistic approach to their looks and healthy living, and are open to the doctor’s suggestions about how to make tweaks to their lifestyle. These are the patients that achieve maximum aesthetic results alongside their optimal health results. 

Which treatments can you recommend for us going into winter?
Worldwide, it is wrinkle smoothing treatments (such as Botox – the most well known of the brands) that are the most popular way to soften the visible signs of ageing in the Upper Face. We recommend that it is equally important to address those signs of ageing in the Midface and Lower Face. I use specially selected injected Bio-Revitalisation treatments in these zones to stimulate collagen and elastin production (the important supporting proteins in the skin) as well as provide deep levels of hydration that lasts for months at a time. The latest news from our clinic is that we are combining these Bio-Revitalisation treatments with an externally applied Skin Repairing Peel in an exciting new protocol that gives ultimate skin restoring results and also tackles surface irregularities, such as excess pigmentation, poor skin texture, dullness and acne too. 

Do you have an ultimate favourite treatment and why?
When asked Dr Kishan Raichura, one of the leading doctors in Regency Aesthetics, “Aside from our soon to be launched new Regency Royael  protocol above, my absolute favourite is our Regency Restructure signature facial Injectable treatment.  I use a combination of varying amounts of different Dermal Filler formulations to restore dermal support, thereby enhancing your best features and lift the skin from the facial skeleton for the most youthful and restored look. I love this because, in the ageing process, the lines and wrinkles we see in the mirror are actually mainly caused by loss of fat, skeletal support and thinning of the skin. With this quickly delivered treatment we can help with all levels of this ageing process and make our patients look their absolute best”. 

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
Seeing the look on the customer’s face when they walk out of the treatment. It is the most rewarding thing in the world, especially because I myself can test every treatment before we offer it in the clinic. 

View more here: www.regencyaesthetics.co.uk
Regency Aesthetics, 8 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W1G 6LH