A leading innovator in the matchmaking industry since 1987, Kelleher International was founded by Jill Kelleher-Andrews with the sole focus on transforming lives through purposeful connection and love. She has since grown the company to 50 matchmakers and dating coaches across the United States as well as internationally in London, Vancouver and Toronto. The company is now run by Jill’s daughter Amber who has successfully built upon her mom’s groundwork to grow the company into one of the largest, privately owned matchmaking companies in the country. Focusing on ultra-high-net-worth individuals, Kelleher International has put the business of love on the map and are poised to take it to a whole new level.

Kelleher International Matchmaker

“Kelleher International has been refining our approach and process for over 35 years.” said Jill Kelleher. “We are the preeminent global leader in upscale matchmaking services, and we pretty much wrote the book in this space. Through the years a lot of companies have tried to emulate Kelleher but at best they are playing catch up. Our dynamic community is three decades strong and has always been uber exclusive. We provide our bespoke services to an emotionally mature, highly eligible group of singles world-wide that live life to its fullest and find true purpose in their life’s mission. You simply cannot find that on dating apps or with any other matchmaking firm.”

The upscale firm’s client list ranges from business moguls, entertainers, athletes, CEOs and politicians, but the one constant is that every match is smart, successful, elegant and most importantly fully vetted. They are those that are leaders in their respective industries and seek adventure, purpose and of course, love. Split between affluent men and women from all walks of life, her clients go through a thorough vetting process (financials, education, dating history, family background and more) before their best-in-class matchmakers help to find their clients their forever someone.

Kelleher International Matchmaker

For Kelleher International it isn’t about the membership prices (more about that later) it is about finding the right clients that fit the values of the company. Their core philosophy is designed around connecting people on a purpose based on the pillars of gaining a deep understanding of their members and making sure they are a good fit for each other. They are extremely picky, resulting in an extremely low percentage of applicants being accepted as clients.

Based on the individual client’s needs, memberships can cost up to $300,000 and follows a three-step process. Candidates apply through their online form or over the phone where they are introduced to a membership package custom tailored to their needs. Once agreeing on the terms of the membership (which ranges from length of services, prices, locations of the search and more), the approved candidate then meets his/her matchmaking team, and they review hand-selected matches in person. Kelleher’s team will then get feedback on the match and home in on what you are looking for in a partner. This iterative process ensures there is always learning during the journey and adjustment of strategy when needed. Throughout their membership, Kelleher’s team is there every step of the way helping to refine, coach and partner with their members so that everyone is comfortable with the choices being made along the way. This process is personally curated for each member and is based on who they are and who they are searching for, ensuring long-lasting connections are made resulting in the highest success rate in the industry.

Kelleher International Matchmaker

“The relationship between us and the client isn’t about profit, it is about fundamentally changing people’s lives for the better,” said Amber. “It is about transformation, growth and gaining a deep understanding of oneself during the process. We are not interested in doing it any other way.”

On top of traditional matchmaking service and dating coaching, the company has launched KI Social Club, a highly sought-after social club for esteemed eligible singles. This separate membership, which costs $50,000, is designed for both singles and couples in the effort to foster deep friendships between members. From philanthropy, supper parties and luxurious trips – like their recent “Success to Significance” trip to Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson last month – Kelleher International will continue to curate events around the world centering on the theme of paying it forward. Their partnership with Virgin Unite has led to eight trips since 2013 and the sky is only the limit for future collaborations and events.

Amber has successfully created an unstoppable network of distinguished global clientele, who are seeking upscale discreet matchmaking. But she is cognizant that dating and love is a living organism and that she needs to continue to raise the bar to remain the leading global matchmaker.

“Having vision is important and a lot of forward-looking strategy and ideation is based on our past experiences and learnings. We have a rich history, and we always look for ways to innovate and improve our process so that our members can have the best experience possible,” said Amber.

Apply to become a Kelleher Member by calling 415-332-4111 or via email at info@kelleher-international.com.