One thing that always comes to mind (that may be a cliché) is the craftsmanship you find in the stunning European country of Italy. Whether it’s in the shoes, clothing, jewelry, or handbags, you know that when you see “Made in Italy” on the label, it’s of top-notch quality. Emulating this perfectionist ambition is an Italian luxury brand LAURUS’s latest collection.


Handmade in Italy, Laurus is a luxury handbag and accessories brand with a deep commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The collection is made of authentic and sustainably sourced exotic skin, and with unique scales of leather, each piece is individual and a distinct work of art. With a style that expresses extraordinary levels of grandeur, while presenting itself as modern chic, the Laurus brand is built on the sturdy pillars of artistry and craftsmanship. In a market of four-figure designer handbags—many of which will feel old by this time next year—it’s easy to see why women are drawn to these chic yet timeless designs. They’re luxe and yet classically elegant, and while they’re still an investment, they’re within reach. Even better, they make sense for a woman’s real life.


Their showroom, offices, and factories are all located in Milan. Apart from handbags, they also offer a wide range of accessories from belts, cardholders, purses, and iPhone cases.

They also offer a bespoke service via their website, allowing customers to personalize their handbag, specifically tailored to their needs. In addition, their platinum delivery option provides a white glove service to a customers’ door when ordering two or more handbags online. Laurus only uses Crocodile and Ostrich leather from animals raised for this purpose. Sophisticated design coupled with wallet-friendly prices and the sense of luxe anonymity popularizes the Laurus offerings globally. It’s a delicate balance they’ve managed to stick to and one that women all over the world are gravitating towards.

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