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Interior design is a unique art form that most people think of as a service. However, when you have a designer like Lori Morris, you realize the talent that lies in forming a muse from not only the art world’s vast resources, but also a client’s needs and desire.  Upscale Living had the pleasure of hearing directly from Morris on the true artistry of interior design and what sets her company above the rest.

Sun Room

Since you do have such a diverse design style that ranges from modern to neoclassical, what makes a Lori Morris design identifiable?

Each of my spaces is very unique but what remains consistent are the luxurious materials and attention to detail that you see in every home or commercial space. Another identifiable element of my spaces is custom furniture. While I will purchase antique pieces for my projects, most of the furniture in my designs are custom made. I really enjoy designing custom pieces, and it helps my vision come to life.

Four Seasons Hallway

Even though you use your clients’ input/personality as your design muse, what is your favorite “go to” style of which nearly everyone is comfortable?

All of my clients, and their wants and needs, are so different and unique, so it’s hard to define one style that most people are comfortable with, however, one thing all my clients are comfortable with is luxury.

My best projects are where I have complete artistic freedom. Personally, I love the more Parisian-inspired neoclassical designs. We worked on a residence at the Four Seasons where the master bathroom grout is made of Swarovski crystals, and the marble fireplaces were handcrafted in India. It is definitely one of my most cherished spaces

With certain designers, clients are confined to a particular style but with my company, we offer limitless design creativity. I’ve done multiple homes for particular clients, and it is interesting to see how their style evolves over time.

Lori Morris - Living Room

What sets your concierge service apart from others in the industry?

We take care of everything for our clients, including moving their clothes and color curating their closet. I also travel around the world to places like London and Paris, either with my clients or on my own, to get inspiration and purchase antiques and art. We also house a number of very rare finishes in our office, for example, textiles, stones, hardware and custom designed pieces. It is a one-stop shop where clients can come in and look at all the options in one place. We provide an unmatched experience in the industry. I also have an incredible team of project managers and designers that work closely with the client from beginning to end.


What does the future look like for your company?

Lori Morris Design was established in 1987, and it has been an amazing 27 years. As the company continues to develop, I see our future full of new and exciting projects. Taking on projects that are unique for an interior design but also combine my love for fashion and art. For example, doing an installation for a show at Paris Fashion Week would be amazing.

Sitting Room - Georgian Bay

When you or your team meets with a new client what is the first question, you ask?

We always ask our new potential clients “what feeling do you want to achieve when the house is complete?” Keywords that usually come to mind are tranquility, zen, opulent elegance, contemporary sleek, slick, sexy, soft and warm, etc. When trying to get an understanding of what this feeling is, we might also ask “Is there a place that gives you a great feeling that you want us to emulate?” We will also ask what color palette they prefer and if there is a specific budget or timeline of which we need to be sensitive. From there, we can orchestrate the design.

Sitting Room

Is there any art movement that you haven’t pulled from for inspiration, but hope to?

I’ve pulled from many art movements over the years. In fact, purchasing and placing art is one of my favorite parts of the job but I have a special affinity for modern art. That being said; I will continue to pull from all movements that stamp my signature style.

Florida Kitchen

For more information or to contact Lori Morris Designs, visit www.lorimorris.com

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