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There are few icons that represent luxurious beauty quite like the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. What we learned from history is that Cleopatra’s charm was not purely the product of good genes. Her beauty was enhanced and maintained by an extensive regimen. Scroll down to find out how to achieve looks fit for a queen.

Milk & honey beauty treatment from Cleopatra

Milk and honey | Cleopatra’s most famous ritual is an opulent milk and honey bath. It is rumored that the pharaoh traveled with a herd of donkeys or goats to ensure she had her supply of milk whenever she needed a bath. Milk is a known exfoliant that gets rid of dead skin cells to bring out younger looking skin. Honey, on the other hand, is a natural antibacterial agent that prevents breakouts and eases inflammation. If used together, Style Craze points out that their anti-aging properties made up of antioxidants fight against fine lines, cellulite, and liver spots. Nowadays, both ingredients can be bought easily so that you can create your own milk and honey bath. Milk and honey masks, soaps, lotions, and hair products are also now very popular on the consumer market.

Himalayan seasalt, Cleopatra beauty treatment

Sea salt scrub | The famous ruler also enjoyed sea salt body and facial scrubs. This routine gently removes waste or free radicals that cause blemishes and deeply nourishes the skin. What makes it luxurious is the addition of essential oils that have their own therapeutic benefits. If you want a deep cleansing done by a professional, check out Mandarin Oriental Atlanta which was previously recommended here on the blog. One of their featured treatments is a Himalayan salt scrub.

magnetic facial beauty treatment, Cleopatra

Magnet therapy | Did you know that Cleopatra slept with a magnetic amulet on her head? She believed that it was one of the secrets to age-defying skin and it turns out she may have been right. Marie Claire explains that the magnet draws harmful particles lodged deep in the pores. DIY magnetic facials come with a mask that you have to leave on your face for a few minutes before you use the magnet for cleansing. Madonna is an avid user of these magnetic masks. At $600 a piece, it’s definitely a lavish treat even for the rich and famous.

Cleopatra's Gold Facial Treatment

Gold face mask | Cleopatra’s most luxurious skincare treatment was a gold face mask that she left on overnight. Nowadays, celebrities including Victoria’s Secret Angels are big advocates of this luxurious treatment. New York-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner elaborated on gold’s benefits to the skin which can reduce inflammation. This is important for people prone to acne as the precious metal acts as an antibiotic. It tones down the redness and swelling of pimples. Zeichner adds that it also enhances skin tone. Cleopatra was also known for this quality.

What’s also important to note is that Cleopatra’s routine was not only for self-indulgence. Her appearance was an important aspect of her power. Her captivating looks, charm and intellect were admired by her people. While civilizations have passed since her time, Cleopatra’s influence still remains felt today. Her legend has been tackled extensively in literature and portrayed in countless movies, television shows and video games. One of the more recent adaptations is FoxyCasino’s Cleopatra slot game that also provides a glimpse into the Egyptian queen’s story. It proves that she is still present across modern media platforms. Her beauty is the subject of these depictions as it is seen as unrivaled throughout history. Of course, who can forget that a handful of today’s skincare routines were inspired by the queen’s own rituals? After all we have her timeless beauty to thank for our science-backed self-care treatments.

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