A collectors knife is an exciting concept. Knives have been some of the first and most primitive tools human beings have created in service of needs. Hunting, cutting food, or accomplishing other tasks are all things that were done with knives. As a primitive object, there lies a certain fascination that is created when a custom knife is made with expert craftsmanship and ornate details. It is primal, and the elegant wrapped all in one.

Here are three exceptionally designed knives that scream luxury.

Salvatore Puddu Art Folder 

This folding knife from esteemed Italian knife maker Salvatore Puddu is a highly sought after piece that ordinarily fetches a price upwards of $10,000!The price is no surprise, though, for those with a keen eye. The craftsmanship of this piece is unbelievable. The ethereal engraving is done by Martin Butler and the top of the handle sports a face on both sides that gives this knife a unique look. However, what provides this knife with its luster as an object of luxury is the gold lip pearl—sometimes called the gold mother of pearl, it rests on the lock release. That, along with the gold liners and bail, creates a sheen that draws the eye without fail.

The blade is approximately 2.5 inches, and the overall lengths rest at about 5.5.

Antonio Fogarizzu "Cuba" Folder, a highly luxurious collectors folding knives

Antonio Fogarizzu “Cube” Folder

Crafted by another Italian knife maker named Antonio Fogarizzu, this folding knife is the epitome of understated style. There are many knives out there that sport a highly striking and elaborate look, which is fine. This particular folder is in a style category of its own. The island Sardinia is home to a tradition of making exceptional folding knives, most notably in style called Resolza.

Much like how we discussed at the beginning of this article, the resolza was initially something carried by people such as herdsmen who required a knife to perform daily activities. Even the Latin origins of the word resolza are meant to denote its use as a tool for shaving.

Part of his cube series, this folding knife possesses a stainless steel blade. This is the plain backdrop necessary to highlight the astonishing handle of the blade, which details several sleek cubic shapes that box out different designs to create a host of textures along with the handle. The most notable of these is the black lip pearl inlay. The cube shapes along with the boxiness of the knife’s edges all cooperate to create a piece that lets you know just by looking at it how rigid and substantial it must feel in hand.

The blade length sits at 3.5 inches, and the overall length is 8. This knife is valued at over $11,000!

Any Michael Walker Folding Knife, a highly luxurious collectors folding knives

Any Michael Walker Folding Knife

American custom knifemaker Michael Walker is the creator of the folding mechanism known as the Walker Linerlock, which he secured a trademark for in 1981. It has since become an industry-standard, but that isn’t the only reason Walker’s knives are popular.

According to an interview in Blade Magazine, Walker was a jeweler before he began creating custom knives. His wife—Patricia Walker, presented him with a Gerber knife (not to be confused with the baby brand) and a copy of American Blade Magazine. He couldn’t help but notice the distinct similarities between creating fine jewelry and crafting high-end knives.

Walker’s knives are some of the most beautiful luxury collectors’ knives on (and off) the market! It is for this reason he is a favorite for us at Exquisite Knives. You can see the influence of his prior history as a jeweler throughout the knives he has created. His work features the sort of elegance and classiness that one would expect of someone who has spent a great deal of time honing his attention to detail on smaller objects such as rings and necklaces.

The World of Custom Collectors’ Knives

In this article, we showed you three knives that ooze luxury. The greater world of custom knives has many pieces, just like these that are the height of craftsmanship and attention to detail that all quality goods should possess. Don’t just use your imagination, though. See for yourself!

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