“Bathrooms have come a long way from simple, functional rooms to the multipurpose slices of heaven they are today.” Those are the enthusiastic words of John Carpenter, a home remodeling consultant with GR Renovations. If you think about it, he’s right. You can’t just settle for the regular anymore. Now, your bathroom has to match your house and even more so if you’re going for a luxury feel in the rest of the house.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom installing a steam shower, a sound system, towel bars, upgrading the hot water tank, heated floors, and body sprays and make it match up to modern standards, you’ve got your work cut out for you. There are plenty of questions you need to ask yourself first concerning the required space, features, and materials. Additionally, much careful planning needs to be done beforehand. According to John, there are three cardinal rules you need to take into consideration before undertaking the remodeling process.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation
1. Every Function Needs Its Own Space

“Walk yourself through the whole bathroom, thinking about the things you’ll be doing and what kind of space these activities will require,” Carpenter says. For example, you’ll need to dry yourself off as soon as you get out of the shower cubicle. You’ll need plenty of space for your morning routine, including drying your hair or shaving your face. That means lots of countertops. You might want to install a lot of drawers for storage purposes, but you also want to be able to open these drawers without intruding into any other function’s space.

The bathtub, shower cubicle, and sink are the basic features that will need plenty of their room. But you might also want to add other things that will need room too. Think through all your requirements, including water filtration, before you begin to plan your bathroom, so you don’t have any regrets when you’re done. Of course, if the whole process seems too overwhelming, do not hesitate to consult a professional for some advice.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation
2. The Balance Between Natural Lighting and Privacy

A bathroom with plenty of natural light wafting through is beautiful, but that beauty quickly becomes irrelevant if it also means being vulnerable to your neighbors’ prying eyes. This is the eternal question of how to strike a balance between natural lighting and privacy when designing the bathroom of your dreams.

For starters, ensure you know exactly what’s around you. If your house is too close to your neighbor’s house, then you may be concerned about your privacy. One solution to the problem is to invest in wooden blinds. They have that familiar color that matches with just about every style and design, and they are very easy to clean. They also let in natural light.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation
3. Always Go the Extra Mile for Luxury

The bathroom isn’t just about having the bare minimum. If it did, then it wouldn’t be a luxury bathroom. Consider installing a steam shower, a sound system, towel bars, heated floors, and body sprays. You can pretty much recreate your spa at home with relaxing music that makes the bathroom a room you look forward to visiting every day.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation
Don’t Forget the Maintenance.

All those features will need plenty of maintenance if they’re going to keep looking amazing. Each of the finishes requires their cleaning routines to keep them in top shape, so don’t forget to maintain them and keep your bathroom shining in all the right places for many years to come.