After being stuck indoors for a good part of two years, it’s nice to get out and plan a wonderful vacation. And whether for its stunning locales, rich history, or tasty culinary options, Europe offers a great escape for any traveler.

In this article, we’re listing some of the best hotel spots in Europe. While each offers different services, they all promise to provide guests with an exceptional stay.

So, start making a checklist, pack your bags, and browse through our list. And while waiting for your flight to your destination, enjoy some Swedish online casino games at CUSL to kill time.

5 Hotels You Must Check Out in Europe

  1. The Connaught
  2. Le Bristol Paris
  3. Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle
  4. Bürgenstock Resort
  5. Cotton House Hotel

And without further ado, let’s look at these fantastic hotels and what makes them the places to be.

Connaught Hotel, London

The Connaught – London, UK

If you’re looking for a hotel that celebrates the old while adapting to the new, then London’s The Connaught is the one for you. Located within the timeless Mayfair Village for more than two centuries, this hotel offers visitors a grand recluse from the current time’s hustle and bustle.  

It’s a great resting spot that oozes luxury in every corner, from its aged oak banisters to the Michelin-starred dining areas. Their lavish rooms have high beds and bathrooms enveloped in marble. A single night in the Connaught will make you feel like royalty.

Le Bristol Hotel Paris, France

Le Bristol – Paris, France

Spending a night at the luxurious Le Bristol should be on your list for your next trip to Paris. Enamored as an icon of French elegance since 1925, this stunning hotel offers a complete taste of the romantic Parisian lifestyle.

Their assortment of suites and rooms was recently renovated in 2018, featuring the most comfortable fabrics, eye-catching chandeliers, and some of the most mesmerizing views to wake upon. Their range of amenities, like in-house culinary workshops, Michelin-starred restaurant, spa, and old-style pool, also make the experience worthwhile.

Plus, you’re greeted by Faraon, the hotel’s feline mascot, at the concierge’s desk. That alone is an excellent reason to book a stay.

Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle – Courchevel, France

Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle – Courchevel, France

We have another French hotel destination on the list, but a standout for various reasons. As one of the hotels located on the grounds of the historic Château de Versailles, it feels like walking right through a history book.

Each of its 14 rooms and apartments features furniture and artwork that will bring you back to 18th-century France. You can also take part on tours within the scenic location, like the Queen’s Hamlet, Louis XIV’s Grand Trianon, and the Petit Trianon, to name a few.

Visitors must not miss several amenities, including the hotel’s underground spa, a dinner prepared by Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse, and the private after-hours tour of the Château de Versailles.

Bürgenstock Resort Hotel, Obbürgen, Switzerland

Bürgenstock Resort – Obbürgen, Switzerland

Capture the picturesque view of trees, mountains, and lakes while enjoying a contemporary lifestyle at the Bürgenstock Resort. Renowned as the usual getaway spot for famous celebrities and athletes from around the globe, this hotel aims to give its visitors a unique relaxation experience.

Rooms have comfortable beddings and top-of-the-line fabrics, with windows providing a breathtaking view of its natural surroundings. The luxurious spas help you relieve all stress, while their range of sports and leisure activities will satisfy the kid in you.

Apart from its elegant rooms and exquisite amenities, the hotel is a haven for nature lovers. The facility practices eco-friendly and sustainable energy generation as it runs using energy produced from Lake Lucerne, and the food served in their restaurants are from sustainable sources.

The Cotton House Hotel Barcelona Spain

Cotton House Hotel – Barcelona, Spain

Want to enjoy the best of what Barcelona has to offer? Then drop by the Cotton House Hotel on your next visit. Situated at the heart of Barcelona and moments away from its famous shopping street, the hotel has a host of services that will relax your body and soul.

True to its name, the Cotton House Hotel is filled with cotton-themed ornaments and fixtures that add comfort to its visitors. It also keeps the tradition of the 19th-century cotton guild with the classic design found on every corner of the hotel.

You’ll also find breathtaking spots within the hotel’s walls, including a library, an outdoor pool, and a spacious terrace. Additionally, they provide guests with a unique experience through the L’Atelier, where they can request tailor-made clothing from the most prestigious tailors in the city.

Don’t Forget Your Keys Before Leaving

Traveling to classic European destinations has turned from something we take for granted to something special, especially after recent events. Take time to relax, unwind, and reward yourself with a stay in these world-class hotels. Book a weekend getaway and explore what each hotel has in store for you.