Trying to decide where to explore next is all part of the fun of yachting. Italy is a popular destination due to its pleasant year-round climate, beautiful coastline, rich culture, and heritage, and, of course, its fabulous cuisine that draws foodies near and far. But how do you choose between a superyacht charter on Italy’s famous Mediterranean coast or a luxurious Adriatic yacht charter?

Yacht Charter Mediterranean Naples

Here, the yacht charter experts at Silver Star Yachting come to the rescue, outlining the differences between an Adriatic yacht charter and a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, as well as some of the best destinations to visit.

Yacht Charter Mediterranean Venezia Giulia

Yacht charter in the Mediterranean vs. Adriatic yacht charter

Gastronomic delights

Italy is renowned for its delicious cuisines, from pizza and pasta to the freshest seafood served sea-to-plate. Of course, its wines are world-renowned, too, with many visitors opting to enjoy tours of Italy’s wine-growing regions.

Along the Adriatic coastline, seafood reigns supreme; Adriatic delicacies include mackerel, octopus, and mantis shrimp. Fruiti di mare is a popular dish, especially in Venice, where it is packed with local catches from the sea. The Adriatic is also home to some of Italy’s most famed vineyards, including the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, known for making some of the best white wines in Italy, making an Adriatic yacht charter ideal for foodies and oenophiles.

In comparison, during a yacht charter in the Mediterranean, you’ll re-discover classic pasta dishes such as spaghetti alla carbonara (a popular dish in Rome), and taste-fresh pesto (Genoa). Pizza-lovers should head to Naples, considered the birthplace of this humble dish, as well as the ever-popular spaghetti alle vongole, or spaghetti with clams. For wine lovers, head to Tuscany during a Mediterranean yacht charter, an ancient wine-producing region renowned for producing Chianti.

Yacht Charter Mediterranean coastline

City hot spots

No Adriatic yacht charter would be complete without visiting Venice, one of Europe’s most bewitching and romantic cities. A city that’s built on the water, discovering this awe-inspiring destination is accessible during a superyacht charter. Cruise down the grand canal lined with stunning Renaissance and Gothic palaces. Take in fabulous sights such as the stunning Ca Foscari University of Venice, the Palazzo Grassi, the Santa Maria Della Salute, and the Accademia Bridge. Step off your luxurious vessel and explore world-famous sites such as St. Mark’s Basilica or browse Venice’s cobbled streets filled with local eateries and boutiques.

During a yacht charter in the Mediterranean head to the city of Naples, it is nestled along the Mediterranean coastline in the Bay of Naples. Naples is filled with spectacular architecture; be sure to check out the city’s cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro, as well as the lavish Royal Palace. The city is also a popular launch-pad for exploring nearby Pompeii, a Roman town that was destroyed in 79 CE when the still active volcano Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Yacht Charter Mediterranean Venice

Island gems

One of the joys of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean is exploring the local islands. Just off of Italy’s Mediterranean coastline, you’ll find the Italian island of Sardinia, boasting some 2,000-km of shoreline surrounded by gin-clear waters and peppered with pristine white sandy beaches just waiting to be discovered. Head inland and hike the island’s lush interior, explore Nuragic ruins, and feast on traditional Sardinian cuisine, a beautiful fusion of fare spanning the Mediterranean region. Alternatively, head to the island of Ischia or nearby Capri, popular with the world’s rich and famous.

On an Adriatic yacht charter, choose between more than 1,200 islands, of which just 69 are inhabited, offering the ideal escapism adventure. Charter a path to the Isole Tremiti, a small archipelago in Italy’s the Adriatic Sea and perhaps one of Italy’s most off-the-radar locales. Once a penal colony, today it offers clear blue waters, quiet coves, and an unhurried pace of life, an ideal destination to relax and unwind from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Whether you choose a yacht charter in the Mediterranean or an Adriatic yacht charter, the coastline of Italy promises to delight.