Launched in 2018, the same year they won the environmental leader award, airthinx is the first affordable professional instrument for continuous indoor air quality monitoring at room level.  Following the launch of their integration with Nest & ecobee, they were prime for the residential sector at the CEDIA Expo – a smart-home conference with concentrated access to new products, breakthrough innovations and targeted training in tech integration – showing off their IoT (Internet of Things) device.

Designed for the end-user to feel safer in their home, workspace, hospital, hotel room, school and more, airthinx ascribes by the philosophy and scientific findings that Good air quality keeps you happy, well-rested and productive. As humans take between 17,000 and 23,000 breaths in one day and spend 90% of our time indoors, people don’t realize that indoor air quality is actually 10-100 times worse than outdoors. ”Air quality is the third dimension of health and wellness.  Whereas you can see the food you eat, or the number of calories burned at the gym, now you can see the air you breathe, with the data acting as a nutrition label for poor air quality,” says Dr. Vasileios Nasis, the CEO of Airthinx.

Airthinx is an air monitoring equipment

Offering continuous, accurate and precise indoor air quality monitoring at room level for any infrastructure, airthinx is the first technology that measures 9 pollutants in real-time. Through a user-friendly app and all data stored on the cloud, now qualitative information can be had at anyone’s fingertips to make informed analytical decisions. Utilizing nine built-in sensors that measure three different size particles (PM 1, PM 2.5, and PM 10), Gasses (VOCs, CO2, and CH2O), and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and pressure), each device measures air quality in real-time.

Their airthinx IAQ priced at $699 is the first affordable professional instrument for monitoring air quality in every room. “We cannot control the air that we breathe outdoors, that takes a political movement, but we can control the air that we breathe indoors and that is a fundamental right of every person.”

Setup is simple with two installation steps. First, mount the base to the wall and then attach the airthinx device and connect the USB, which is located both underneath and on the back of the device to a power source. Following proper install, data is available to be securely accessed online and via the app. “This intuitive plug and play install democratized air quality and allows everyone to enjoy a healthier indoor environment for a better life.”

Airthinx is an air monitoring equipment

The award-winning air quality monitoring solution communicates in a number of ways – Cellular, W-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, — and the company provides APIs for third-party integration. The device integrates with home automation so it can be connected with thermostats, humidifiers/humidifier, fans, ventilation systems, and other IAQ controls which in turn can be regulated using data from airthinx.

airthinx IAQ teaches users how to adopt new habits to create healthier air quality whether in their homes or workspaces. The device allows you to monitor air quality in your home that affects vital human organs like the lungs, heart, and brain, causing heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, strokes, pulmonary disease, respiratory disease, and asthma to ensure good health. “The problem with dangerous air-quality is that we can’t see it and in many cases can’t even smell it. Yet the long-term issues can be terminal.”  Monitoring pollution in schools also has widespread impacts, from student learning to memory, concentration, problem-solving and health or even while working out as inhaling high levels of pollutant materials like particulate matter reduces exercise performance by 24.4%.

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