With the pandemic taking over the travel business, those you do not have the luxury of waiting until commercial aviation regains its shape have opted to use private aviation to get to the destination. With new realities of travel in place, passengers are more concerned with safety, privacy, hygiene, and flexibility. And as private aviation allows us to minimize all the previous concerns, clients are transitioning to this segment to reduce the uncertainties created by the pandemic, resulting in many first-time private jet fliers.

Private aviation is a business decision. Businesses thrive on cost and time effectiveness, so having the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever is paramount for the long-term success of a company. Due to Covid-19, new travelers are experiencing the amenities of business aviation, from top executives that were used to travel on the slow-paced first-class environment to business people and families of all backgrounds willing to take it to the next step to meet their travel needs.

Kyle Patel, CEO of private jet company BitLux, has noted this growing trend in the past three months and views it as an opportunity for both parties.

He said, “We need to be private aviation ambassadors for every new client, understanding that if we provide a great service and meet expectations, it is highly probable that first-time passengers will come back, especially when there is no certain recovery timeline for commercial aviation. Private jet charters need to make the most out of this window of opportunity.”

BitLux private aviation, style above the clouds

Private Jetiquette

When chartering a private flight, travelers are immediately adding at least two more hours to their day even more if the flight is international. No need to arrive three hours before to a packed airport after paying thousands of dollars for that first-class commercial ticket. And what about that preferential lounge? Too crowded? Well, the business aviation counterpart, the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) or private terminal, will get your attention.

The FBO is where the private jet experience begins and ends. Or, as Patel simply puts it, “the place that will change your perception about air travel forever, by putting bad experiences in the rear-view mirror. Once you try it, there’s no looking back.” When you get to the private terminal, your aircraft awaits just steps away.

But before arriving, what is the dress code for a private jet traveler? Whether pleasure or business, the comfort-first rule still applies in business aviation, unless you need to dress formally for a meeting right after you land. It is entirely up to you. And even if that is the case, having your luggage at sight always allows you to change before your next stop.

Before getting on board, it is always good to have an awareness of the evolution of private flight and what makes it great today. It is no longer only for the super-wealthy; luxury is not a coveted asset, and flexibility is what keeps clients in their seats. Flexibility to depart and land in almost any airport in the globe, to make last-minute changes in the route while still on the air, and to completely tailor your inflight experience. And yes, you can also bring your bet along.

You will not hear too many no’s when flying private. Safety first, always, it is up to the client what to make out of his private jet experience. Welcome to the benchmark for time efficiency, comfort, safety, and reliability.

BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is one that is closest to heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.