A private jet is not always an indulgence but also a necessity for billionaires on the move- people for whom time is perhaps the biggest luxury. Private jets are also faster, more luxurious along being a more convenient option for many hence their usage is growing day by day. Private jets are light yet have exceptionally powerful engines while the speed that they offer is very important for owners who spend a lot of time traveling. There is a wider classification for private jets and how fast they go with the light private jets going up to 850 km/h while some long-haul private jets having the ability to fly at Mach 0.925 up to 51,000 ft. Here we list out the 10 fastest and most luxurious private jets for the road. Buckle up!

Aerion AS2 private jetAerion AS2

We have talked about Aerion on these pages before and this supersonic jet paves the way for a silent sky with a boomless operation along with using bio-fuel. It uses the appeal of high speed (Mach 1.4) with a supersonic jet but brings in a zero-carbon fiber footprint, enhanced range plus ducking inside the sound barrier. AS2 is scheduled for its first flight in 2025.

spike S-512 SEA private jet


Spike S-512

The Spike S-512 supersonic business jet is a beautiful and sleek machine with a top speed spanning Mach 1.6. That makes it 450 mph faster than other civilian jets hence cutting flight times by more than 50%. The jet comes with ‘Quiet Supersonic Flight technology’ plus room for up to 18 passengers and a fully customizable interior. The interior also gets a ‘Multiplex Digital’ feature.

cessna citation x+ private jet

Cessna Citation X+

An extremely popular option, this aircraft is one of the first choices for private jet owners. It previously held the record for the fastest private jet having a top speed of Mach 0.935 (1194 km/h). With impressive range, a large and luxurious cabin, the X+ introduced after the X is the one to get.

Bombardier Global 8000 private jet

Bombardier Global 8000

This impressive long-haul private jet boasts a range of 7,900 nm (14,631 km) along with the ability to whisk its 17 passengers in utter luxury and comfort. The impressive speed of Mach 0.925 coupled with its long-range abilities and luxurious cabin makes this another very popular option in the private jet segment.

Bombardier Global 7500 private jet

Bombardier Global 7500

While the above-mentioned 8000 is the successor, the Global 7500 remains a stalwart in the long-haul private jet segment. The high top-speed of Mach 0.925, and an impressive range of 7,700 nautical miles make this the go-to option for private jet owners. Its massive cabin can accommodate 19 passengers with ease and luxury.

Gulfstream G650 private jet

Gulfstream G650

Yet another serious contender for the fastest private jet in the world tag, the G650 is known for its range and speed being the third-fastest jet of its kind. It can fly 19 passengers at up to speeds of Mach 0.925 (1142 km/h) while the extended-range version adds in a practical range of 7,500 nm. It is the perfect jet to crisscross cities in one go.

Gulfstream G700 private jet

Gulfstream G700

This is the aircraft that currently holds on to the title of being the fastest and the ultimate concoction of speed plus luxury in the private jet world. The G700 is excess at its best with massively powerful engines putting up the capabilities to fly at a speed of Mach 0.925 (1142 km/h) up to 51,000 ft (15.545 meters). Yet this is not just about speed since it also is a spacious jet with one of the largest cabins plus reeking of luxury.

Falcon 8X private jet

Falcon 8X

Dassault Aviation’s Falcon range is a staple for any private jet buyer combining effortless long-range ability plus being more fuel-efficient than other jets despite its size and power. The Falcon 8X is the top drawer for fast and comfortable luxury jet travel with its 6450 nm range and Mach 0.90 top-speed. The 19-seater equipped jet is also luxurious while still being efficient.

Dassault Falcon 7X private jet

Falcon 7X

Like the 8X, the 7X is a popular choice and has been in service since 2007. It offers seating comfort for 16 passengers plus luxury amenities too. Hence you can revel in its luxury while you travel at speeds up to Mach 0.90. The range stands at 5939 nm.

Embraer Praetor 500 private jet

Embraer Praetor 500

The Embraer Praetor 500 is the fastest, most advanced midsize business jet available. It improves over the 450 with new winglets and extra fuel tanks for greater range, plus, a cabin altitude of 5,800 feet. It has seating for up to eight, while 150 cubic feet of luggage space is also quite handy. A range of 3340NM and a Mach 0.83 top speed are further impressive specifications.