Renderings for two new 86-meter (282-foot) superyacht concepts from Baikal Yachts Group—an international consortium of yacht industry specialists in the design, engineering, and construction of yachts, megayachts, catamarans, and houseboats— were recently released. While seeming nearly identical, the Baikal 86 Explorer will be built for sailing southern latitudes, and the Baikal 86 Expedition will explore northern latitudes.

A single client approached the consortium to commission a particular yacht. Still, after consulting with an international team of designers, architects, and engineers, the company decided to present the client with two offerings. Designed based on the cruising needs of each part of the world, their names ‘Explorer’ and ‘Expedition’, clue into their technology and functionality differences.

Both megayachts feature an aluminum superstructure, but each has unique purposes based on the needs of their respective environments. They each put the owner, who approached Baikal Yachts, front, and center, presenting nearly an identical layout on both megayachts. While using the exact planning solutions, the 86-meter (282-foot) superyachts have identical configurations with an owner’s suite, salon, library, office sports grounds, and a place for meditation. Furthermore, the control post is the same on both megayachts ensuring comfortability between the two.

Baikal Yachts Commissioned For Two 86-Meter (282-Foot) Superyachts

Both also feature a space for two helicopters to land, but the first difference is that the Explorer features an extra garage for a helicopter. Taking advantage of the sun while sailing southern latitudes, the Baikal 86 Explorer features plenty of open space, a large swimming pool on the main deck, and two jacuzzis on the owner’s deck. At the same time, the Baikal 86 Expedition has an indoor swimming pool.

Here are the technical specifications of both megayachts

  • Engine – two diesel-electric systems delivering 4000 hp each. However, the Expedition will also leverage two electric pod drives for propulsion
  • Draft – 3.5m
  • Cruising speed – 15 knots
  • Max speed – 18 knots
  • Hull (Explorer) – fast displacement format
  • Hull (Expedition) – new generation icebreaker

To not waste time, Baikal Yachts is currently looking for a shipyard to build these impressive mega yachts. The company estimates construction time to take around five years to complete.