A new blended Scotch has been launched to inspire whisky lovers to indulge in their own artistic adventures. Anyone can now create their own personalized whisky label. All you just need are a computer, a printer, some imagination, and a bottle.

Chiswick-based Compass Box whisky has launched its Canvas Blended Malt Scotch whisky aged in Vino Naranja casks. It offers the chance for buyers to design their own personalized label. Although it is unclear whether you should seek inspiration before or after you open the bottle.

Compass Box scotch whisky

Award-winning designers Stranger & Stranger drew inspiration from the Renaissance’s use of trophy frames which were traditionally used to showcase and immortalize great personal achievements.  The unique consumer-engaging label can be created through the bottle’s QR code, which links to a template where aspiring label designers can input a photo, drawing, poem, or any image of their fancy within the frame and then print off the personalized label.

Compass Box Whisky was founded in 2000 by American John Glaser, a former Johnnie Walker marketing director. Jill  Boyd began blending whisky for Compass Box in 2017 and was joined by James Saxon in 2019. The company’s whisky-makers select distillates from a number of Scotch whisky distilleries to be blended and further matured.

Menagerie Compass Box whiskey

Its portfolio includes ‘The Spice Tree’, ‘The Peat Monster’, ‘Oak Cross’, and ‘Hedonism’ – the world’s first blended grain Scotch and one-off vatting of complementary Scotch grain whiskies from top quality American oak casks. There are also the ‘Artist’s Blend’, ‘Glasgow Blend”, ‘Rogues’, “Banquet’, and ‘The Story of the Spaniard”.

Unique whiskies have been sourced to make limited editions like ‘Optimism’, ‘The General’, ‘The Lost Blend’, ‘Morpheus’, the ‘Canto Cask’ series, and the three-bottle ‘Myths and Legends’. Compass Box has also collaborated with restaurants, bars, and bartenders, to produce whiskies like ‘Juveniles’, ‘Delilah’s’ and ‘The Circle’. Compass Box also produces ‘Orangerie’, made from whisky infused with orange zest and spices. In March, Compass Box released “Menagerie”, the brand’s “answer to the call of the wild.”

Hedonism Compass Box whisky

Compass Box launched a ‘Scotch Whisky Transparency’ campaign to encourage greater transparency within the world of Scotch whisky with whisky producers – such as Bruichladdich – being encouraged to shared full-age component information.

“For us, whisky-making is an artistic process, and the whisky is our canvas,” says James Saxon, lead whisky-maker. “We wanted this release to embody the spirit of its creation.”

Peat Monster Compass Box whisky

Compass Box invites whisky-loving creatives to share their art on social media, tagging the brand and using #compassboxcanvas. Bottled at 46% ABV, Compass Box Canvas Blended Malt Scotch Whisky will be available in the UK from 9th August Only 5,880 bottles are available.