Created by professional racing driver and yacht designer Juan Cayo Azcarate, Azcarate Design recently introduced a new level of super luxury yachts to the market, Eleuthera. Heavily influenced by current automotive designs to give the aggressive and modern look, “the aggressive design merges creatures like a stage ray, humpback whales, tiger sharks with elements of racing automotive design,” said Azcarate.

This 364-foot mega yacht merges a sport-aggressive look with vast open spaces and is designed to be enjoyed similarly to a typical 80-footer. Azcarate’s main influence was to develop a yacht that you could live on 100% of the time, paired with a sleek and aerodynamic exterior. “We maximized the main areas to create large living spaces that allow you to relax in another level of comfort because we wanted all of our areas to be occupied by our clients and their guests,” said Azcarate.

Eleuthera yacht design conceptNamed after Bahama’s Longest Island name, the yacht was designed to reach the low-depth water on the beaches and keys of the Caribbean. “We needed it to be lightweight in order to be able to enjoy some of the most wonderful beaches in the Caribbean as we know the depth is an issue for a vessel this size,” said Azcarate. “There is nothing like being at anchor in front of a desolate beach where you can reach it in a short and refreshing swim.”

The massive stern platform transforms into a saltwater pool, also serving as a beach club with direct passage to the interior Bar/Garage. Another unique exterior design feature is its vertically cut windows, designed to give a distinguished external look of gills while also providing the perfect look-out to the spectacular landscapes from the main inside areas.

Eleuthera yacht design conceptIts main deck has a vast pool, lounge, dining areas, and an open cinema to enjoy your favorite movies in the open air. The extended upper deck has a rounded lounge/dining just behind the helipad with a hydraulic platform that can store the helicopter in a dedicated covered garage underneath. Furthermore, there is enough space for a 40-foot speedboat and three other tenders under the helipad.

The ship was inspired by ancient Greek Architecture, and Azcarate Design partnered with Italian Luxury Interior Design firm Turri to present minimal yet extravagant moments. Designed to the highest luxury standards, the interior layout is highlighted by a monumental staircase that connects the three-decked yacht. Along with a massive living room, the owner’s private office, an indoor cinema, and an enormous kitchen, the minimal yet extravagant teak and white marble materials create a light and modern feel. Renderings further show floor-to-ceiling windows, geometric skylights, and modern low-profile monochromatic furniture.

Eleuthera yacht design conceptThe living quarters, consisting of 11 cabins, include the owner’s cabin on the upper deck, which features 235 square meters of pure luxury. It offers a private 360-degree terrace, a private spa and sauna, a private office, and a private makeup room. There is also ample space for a crew of 31.

According to Azcarate Design, the lightweight aluminum hull and triple MTT engines should be able to cover some 7,000 nautical miles and are designed for transoceanic cruising.

Credit: Azcarate Design

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