Elevated Design: Yankee Barn Homes Refines and Expands Post and Beam Design Horizons

Nearly 50 years ago, Yankee Barn Homes pioneered the post and beam home as we know it today. Innovators in the custom housing industry since their inception, they were “green building” before it was a trend; the company offered classic American barn-style homes using the finest materials for durability, weather protection and energy conservation.

Southold Yankee Barn Homes
Interior of the Southold Yankee Barn Homes.

Today, the company builds bespoke homes, custom crafted for every customer, with an attention to architecture that has elevated post and beam design beyond the traditional to refine rustic and redefine modern. Yankee Barn Homes, prominent from the Hamptons to country getaways up and down the eastern corridor, specializes in the design of classic American architecture, including barn-style homes, farmhouses, coastal cottages, ski lodges and lakeside retreats. 

Interior of the Cove Hollow Yankee Barn Home.

Yankee Barn Homes’ skilled craftsmen build the shell package components of each home, pre-cut and pre-assembled in the company’s climate controlled production facility in New Hampshire using domestically sourced materials. When ready, the components are then flat-packed and delivered to the client’s building site and a Yankee Barn Homes Shell Supervisor works on site with the client’s General Contractor to erect the shell. This saves not only on build time, but also job site waste, as well as intrusion on the property itself.

Yankee Barn Homes True Roof ™ and True Wall ™ Panels were designed to combine the highest performing attributes of traditional stick-built construction with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Like a SIP, True Roof and Wall Panels layer an exterior wood sheathing over a rigid foam core insulation. True Roof and Wall Panels, however, incorporate structural studs for enhanced strength and durability, as well as flexibility of design. Here are just a few examples of the diversity of aesthetic and architectural possibilities:

Mad River Modern Yankee Barn Homes

The Mad River Modern home is mid-century modern post and beam home, an unusual combination. The design harmonizes beautifully in a rural area or in an urban one. This particular home is in Mad River, Vermont – the homeowners are active retirees, with a passion for cycling, the outdoors, and the environment, who wanted a home that reflected their personalities and passions – one that brought the outdoors in.

Southold Yankee Barn Homes

The Southold home will liberate you from any preconceived notions of a barn home. This showstopping Long Island home’s open concept design features Yankee Barn Homes’ signature two-story great room and utilizes a second floor catwalk. A stunning double-sided fireplace connects the great room and dining area, providing intimacy without disrupting the open flow of this elegant, refined design.

The Cove Hollow home is an excellent example of efficiency: it went up in only 8 days, and was designed to appear as though it had been built during the same time period as the other houses in its East Hampton neighborhood.

Jeffrey Rosen, Creative Director and co-owner of Yankee Barn Homes, as well as a seasoned NYC based interior and architectural designer, explains the company’s approach to design, “Because today’s home buyer wants it all, our homes have become incredibly varied. Builds range from Barn Style (our staple product) to flat roof modern, to traditional shingle style. The “moderns” offer plenty of glass, bringing the outside in. The “traditionals” fit contextually in pre-existing communities, are perfect for infill situations, as well as in more rural locations. They can be detailed as colonials, shingle, or federal styles. The connection between all of these architectural styles is the strength and appeal of the post and beam structure itself – it is the iconic language of the Yankee Barn Home. All of our homes are united by our construction techniques, are environmentally conscious and offer the willingness to break with preconceived notions of what post and beam prefabricated homes can be.”

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