Bentley Motors is the most sought-after luxury car brand in the world and recently came out with the new Signature Touch for Bentley smartphone signals, a new step in design and technology for the two brands’ long-term partnership. The powerful, modern smartphone is the latest collaboration in communications technology, building on the success of Signature for Bentley.

this powerful smartphone features two-tone Beluga and Hotspur Bentley leather, with Hotspur stitching, knurled side keys, a unique pillow rail and sound bar, and a 3D Bentley logo. Based on Vertu’s latest, high-performance smartphone, Signature Touch for Bentley balances high-performance technology, dedicated services, and peerless build quality and materials and boasts Vertu’s most vibrant display ever.

 Signature Touch for Bentley smartphone

Kevin Rose, Bentley Board Member for Sales and Marketing, commented: “The partnership between Vertu and Bentley is a superb example of two global brands working together to make extraordinary products that complement the lifestyle and aspirations of discerning and sophisticated customers. The Vertu for Bentley phones are designed and hand-made in England, personifying style, elegance, and the modern perception of bespoke, underpinned by world-class technology and luxury performance.”

Gordon Watson, Vertu VP of Sales and Marketing, also commented by saying: “The Vertu for Bentley products has been a phenomenal success. This is a partnership that has really sparked the imagination of luxury consumers and the models released so far have proved very desirable among our existing global customer base. However, nearly 40 percent have been purchased by customers new to the Vertu brand.

 Signature Touch for Bentley smartphone

“We are confident that the new Signature Touch for Bentley smartphone, with its unique design, powerful technology, and exclusive content and services, will do equally as well.”

Following on from the success of the previous Vertu Signature S for Bentley, Vertu’s  Made to Order option has also been made available on this new model. This allows each Signature Touch for Bentley to be personalized with the choice of eight leather colors and 16 stitching options.

This is the third phone of a five-year partnership: the first was a Vertu for Bentley Signature Touch smartphone launched in October 2014, followed by a Vertu Signature for Bentley ‘voice-centric’ mobile launched in September 2015.