When Kari Whitman was commissioned by LA-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Justus Parmar to redesign his home, she knew she had her work cut out for her. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she created the most exquisite interiors in the short space of eight months; and spoke exclusively to Upscale Living magazine about the fun she had in turning another client’s vision into reality.

“When Justus purchased this home, situated above Chateau Marmont in Marlay Drive, Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles, it didn’t look like anything; located in a very upscale and cool area up on the side of the hill, I knew I had to work a lot of magic with this project. The views are simply insane!” Which Kari surely did, incorporating her custom-made touches throughout the home, combining clean lines with modern and funky finishes.

Kari Whitman interiors
The JFK Stikki Peaches work on canvas forms a focal point behind above the circular couch. The television above the fireplace is one of Samsung’s art televisions.

On the first floor is a cleverly designed living area, with a striking JFK Stikki Peaches work on canvas being a focal point, which Kari purchased from Art Angels. The circular couch that is custom designed by Kari perfectly offsets the beautiful custom rug on which it is positioned, made by Stark. Above the fireplace, Kari chose one of the new Samsung art televisions, transforming the television into a piece of art.

Kari Whitman interiors
This stunning hanging custom chair in brushed brass was specially made by Kari.

In the corner of the living room, a stunning hanging custom chair by Forge North in brushed brass takes pride of place, specially made by Kari. “You would think, looking at it, that it is uncomfortable, but it’s quite the opposite,” she says.

Kari Whitman interiors
It took seven guys and a crane to get the ultra-heavy travertine table top into the dining area.

The dining area comprises of a huge and ultra- heavy piece of the travertine table top by VADR Collaborative, with the table designed by Kari and produced by Forge North. Kari remembers it taking seven guys and a crane to get the top into the room. “It’s really beautiful,” Kari says, “but never to be moved.” The light fitting above the table is a focal point and a definite conversation piece, another Kari creation.

Kari Whitman interiors
The kitchen is really striking, with velvety fabric dressing the bar stools.

In the kitchen, the bar stools were designed by Kari and made by Forge North, with fabric in Dresden Ruby by Ramtex. “The kitchen is really striking,” says Kari. “I ordered these specific cupboard doors handles out of London from Philip Watts Design – they make such incredible ones – it looks like a snakeskin that comes together and when the cupboard doors are closed, it takes on a round shape. The lights above the kitchen table were bought and not made by me.”

Kari Whitman interiors
The guest room on the 1st floor with its butterfly wallpaper is stylishly furnished.

A guest room forms part of the 1st floor, with butterfly wallpaper, a side table and pendant lights by Shine by S.H.O. The Luciano Frigerio bronze King headboard is by Modern Art. The very comfortable pair of Marco Zanuso style lounge chairs with metal legs and brass sabots are from Chairish.

Kari Whitman interiors
The ‘curtain’ in the viewing room is a screen made of powder coated ball-bearings.

On the same level, there is a viewing room for Justus, who loves watching soccer and basketball, so Kari fashioned a special room for him, with a custom sofa and a multi-level coffee table in brass, fabric, and wood by BL Custom Upholstery. Separating the viewing room from the rest of the area is a screen made of powder coated ball-bearings, giving the room an artistic feel.

Kari Whitman interiors
A Cassiopeia technique was used on the wall behind the bed, with tiny slivers of glass sprayed onto the wall.

The upstairs master bedroom has a dreamy feel to it, with a custom designed bed by Kari and pedestals Shine by S.H.O. and chairs by Organic Modernism. The wall behind the bed was created using a Cassiopeia technique where the plaster is used, with tiny slivers of glass sprayed onto the wall. A pivotal feature in the bedroom is The Kiss by WRDSMTH, acquired at Art Angels.

Kari Whitman interiors
A bathroom with a view. Who wouldn’t want to take a soak in this dreamy tub?

An iconic bathroom was created, using a simple white tub, slightly elevated to soak in the views. A flowy feel was created with lots of light and a huge walk-in shower.

Kari Whitman interiors
Vistas in abundance, the home also have an infinity pool, hot tub, and firepit, forming a magnificent outdoor living area.

Renowned for its vistas, this home has it in abundance. The infinity pool, hot tub, and firepit all form part of a magnificent outside living area. Starlight collar tilt bronze with cast slate umbrellas by Pacific Patio create enough light to ensure an entertainer’s delight.


| Photographs supplied by Kari Whitman