Estelon, the manufacturer of mind-blowing loudspeakers, has been impressing the high-end audio community since Alfred Vassilkov co-founded the brand in 2010. Their range of models offers impeccable sonic credentials and a distinct appearance that sets them apart from other loudspeakers. Each floor-standing and stand-mount design showcases an elegant enclosure with an organic shape reminiscent of modern sculpture, evoking the vibes of Constantin Brancusi or Marc Newson colliding with music.

Estelon takes pride in its diverse product portfolio, spanning from mid-level to bleeding-edge offerings. The latest addition is the game-changing AURA, a brand-new loudspeaker priced at $19,000 per pair. Using innovative thermoformed composite technology, it boasts a monolithic enclosure that breaks away from the expensive marble-based composite enclosures found in their more ambitious models.

Estelon Extreme Mk II
Estelon Extreme Mk II. Courtesy of Estelon

On the other end of the spectrum is Estelon’s flagship loudspeaker, the new Extreme Mk II. Unveiled during the AXPONA Show in April, this 551-pound beast embodies Estelon’s vision of state-of-the-art sound. With a price tag of $269,000 per pair, it’s clear these speakers are serious contenders—both physically and sonically. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience and share our listening impressions of this remarkable set.

Now, let’s talk about the Extreme—the pinnacle of Estelon’s craftsmanship. This unique two-module design features flared ends, a narrowing center, and a curvaceous form that resembles a masterpiece of sculpture from any angle. But it’s not just about looks; the two-module design allows precise adjustment of tweeter height for optimal performance according to room placement and seating height. With nine height positions adjustable via a dedicated remote control, the loudspeakers can be fine-tuned from approximately 70 inches to 82 inches.

estelon extreme mk ii in living-room
Estelon Extreme MK II in Living Room. Courtesy of Estelon

Although the Extreme Mk II may resemble its predecessor, it incorporates new drivers and an upgraded crossover network that integrates top-notch inductors, capacitors, and resistors. The lower module of this four-way, bass-reflex design is home to two 11-inch, custom-made Accuton aluminum woofers by Thiel & Partner. These woofers feature a convex honeycomb membrane, delivering impressive bass response down to 25 Hz.

Estelon continues to push boundaries in the world of loudspeakers, combining stunning aesthetics with uncompromising sound quality. It’s an audio experience like no other, and we can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Estelon.

The upper module of the Extreme Mk II speaker boasts impressive components, including an 11-inch mid-woofer, a seven-inch Accuton driver with a ceramic membrane, and a one-inch diamond-membrane Accuton tweeter that can reach frequencies up to 60 kHz. These speakers are designed to accommodate banana, spade, or bare-wire termination connectors. With a power rating of 500 watts, 91 dB sensitivity, and an impedance dipping to 2 ohms at 95 Hz, they require a beefy, high-current amplifier to truly unleash their potential.

Not only do these speakers offer exceptional performance, but they also showcase a build quality and finish that epitomize high-luxury audio. Available in Midnight Opera, Bronze Royale, Lunar Eclipse, and Nordic Emerald, each with a two-tone, ultra-premium high-gloss finish, the Extreme Mk II is sure to captivate both eyes and ears.