At Sunreef Yachts, we’re not just crafting a superyacht – we’re creating a sustainable sailing masterpiece. Our innovative R&D Department is currently developing the Zero Cat, a revolutionary catamaran that’s set to change the game.

Measuring over 90 feet, the Zero Cat combines the power of hydrogen and electric propulsion for a whole new level of eco-conscious cruising. We’re talking unlimited autonomy and zero emissions. How do we achieve this? By converting methanol to clean hydrogen on board, utilizing our state-of-the-art hydrogen generator.

Sunreef Sourcing Clean Energy onboardBut it doesn’t stop there. The Zero Cat harnesses the sun’s power with solar cells integrated into its bodywork, providing green energy to the entire yacht. This clean and efficient fuel cell system will power the electric propulsion and all the luxuries on board.

Think of it as our commitment to the environment, a luxurious sailing experience with a clear conscience. We’re redefining the boundaries of luxury sailing while minimizing our environmental impact. Our goal? To revolutionize the industry and offer discerning customers like you an exceptional zero-emission voyage.

Join us in protecting our oceans and preserving the natural beauty of the sea. Together, let’s sail into a greener future.