Martin Rayment, a renowned artist, will be showcasing a captivating exhibition at Surface Gallery, Nottingham from the 15th to the 23rd of September. Titled “The Deca-dance of Mr.Ray,” this exhibition unveils the full range of Rayment’s distinctive multi-layered work from the first decade of his career.

The dream was real by artist Martin Rayment
The dream was real. Courtesy of Martin Rayment

The showcased pieces are monumental canvases created using resin, collage, and paint, infused with the influences of Hieronymus Bosch, René Magritte, and the Golden Age of Hollywood. Each artwork is meticulously composed, featuring torn and distorted figures, lasers, saints and saviors, wrestlers, ballerinas, villains, and movie stars. Through these cinematic pieces, Rayment invites viewers to explore a swirling panorama of tragedy and love, where creation and demise collide.

The Final Dance by artist Martin Rayment
The Final Dance. Courtesy of Martin Rayment

One striking aspect of Rayment’s style is his playful seriousness, which seamlessly merges his inscrutable personal history with the universal human experience. Across multiple lifetimes, beauty blooms, and self-formation becomes an ongoing, decadent dance. To further enhance the exhibition experience, Rayment has also introduced a new series of animatronic collage sculptures and interactive artworks. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with and explore these innovative creations.

Mr. Ray, artwork by Martin Rayment
Mr. Ray, artwork by Martin Rayment

During the opening night, a documentary-length film about Martin Rayment’s artistic practice, created in collaboration with filmmaker Tom Dennis, will be screened. This film offers a comprehensive insight into Rayment’s creative journey, spanning several years.

artist Martin Ray
Artist Martin Ray

“I’m delighted to showcase this latest decade of my artistic practice. In this time it’s evolved from 2D artworks in 2013 all the way into animatronic 3D sculptures in 2023. I am grateful to have met so many people along the way who have supported and inspired me. For the last few years, I have been gradually building up a body of work in secret. Now it’s time to reveal it all and share it, in this latest exhibition: The Deca-dance of Mr.Ray”– Martin Rayment

Don’t miss this engaging and informative exhibition, where Rayment’s artistry manifests through dark drama, cryptic triptychs, and futuristic sci-fi scenes. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in art that transcends boundaries and offers a captivating glimpse into the artist’s mind.