Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the iconic Sondek LP12 with us – the most legendary hi-fi product of all time. Introducing the Sondek LP12-50, a limited edition turntable crafted in collaboration with the creative geniuses at LoveFrom.

Linn Iconic Sondek LP12-50 Turntable
All photos courtesy of the brand

Prepare for an unparalleled vinyl playback experience that combines Linn’s finest performance achievement with the unmistakable design language of Sir Jony Ive and his team at LoveFrom. The result? Sonic perfection and an immediately recognizable aesthetic, all housed in Linn’s groundbreaking Bedrok™ plinth technology.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sound quality and innovation derived from the ultra-dense, resonance-free wood material of the Bedrok™ plinth. Every detail has been meticulously refined, from the precision-machined power/speed control button to the exquisite hinges.

Linn Iconic Sondek LP12-50 TurntableWith the utmost respect for the legacy and craftsmanship of the Sondek LP12, LoveFrom has added its artistic touch to enhance the turntable’s timeless design. Prepare to be captivated by unparalleled performance, usability, and aesthetic improvements.

Linn Iconic Sondek LP12-50 TurntableThis is a momentous occasion, as only 250 of these limited edition Sondek LP12-50s will ever exist. Each unit proudly bears an embossed aluminum plaque, tokenizing this historic collaboration and showcasing its individual numbering.

Join us in cherishing this landmark achievement. Experience the epitome of sonic artistry and visual elegance with the Sondek LP12-50.