Providing a powerful sound almost unmatched in the Hi-Fi world, Tim Mellow and his company, Mellow Acoustics, present The Mellow Acoustics FrontRo speakers. A combination of high-quality materials in sound engineering, acoustics, and design, FrontRo is a new high-end electrostatic loudspeaker that is creating shockwaves in the audio industry.

After five years of development, paying meticulous detail to design and audio quality, FrontRo has position itself has possibly the world’s most luxurious electrostatic audio units. From locally sourced materials such as oak veneered wood, which create the modern design, the speakers come across as simple and stylish with its pyramid-shaped bottom and circular top; grill cloths are available in gunmetal, navy, or burgundy and the premium version allows buyers to match to the color of the veneer wood.

The new disruptive product has earned high acclaim by many experts from the audio industry due to its unmatched sound quality in the Hi-Fi world. Its hybrid electrostatic design consists of a 12-inch electrostatic unit capable of handling mid-range and treble frequencies (600 Hz to 20 kHz). In comparison, the 5.25” dynamic woofer can handle bass down to the lowest note on a double bass or bass guitar (40 Hz). At the same time, the passive loudspeaker can be paired with whatever amplifier and partnering equipment (i.e., any streaming device or turntable). If you have already set up a good Vizio soundbar for your TV, you can partner the loudspeaker to it, so you can enhance the audio quality for the shows you watch.

The loudspeaker also features a special screen underneath the cloth of the electrostatic unit that protects from dust and moisture, ensuring long term reliability.