There is no such thing as born with the best golf techniques. Not like those of a singer that was born with a golden voice, being a better golfer needs knowledge, patience, and a lot of practice. Although it requires a lot of practice, you need not spend a lot of money on it; you don’t need to join a club or hire a professional coach to be better. You can start by watching a video, learn techniques, accumulate pointers, and then practice at home or in your garage first. And when you get the hang of it, then maybe you can start at the golf course and practice your putting skills. To be more ready, do these tips so you can be a better golfer.

Check if you have a clear vision.

It does not necessarily mean that if you wear glasses, you cannot play golf anymore. It is just that you need a clear vision, first for aiming, second for improved coordination between your club and your hands, and lastly, and most importantly for eye teaming. Eye teaming pertains to how well your eyes work together. For sometimes one eye is brighter than the other. Furthermore, strong visualization skills help you focus, keep you in the zone, and keep your attentiveness. Correct vision can give you an advantage in practicing your swing.

Also, it would help if you made a precise judgment with your eyes, reaching the green depends entirely on a visual sense, knowing how hard and in what direction to hit your putts. Sometimes incorrect vision can cause dizziness, which you cannot afford to feel when you are playing, so better have so eyes checked sooner for golf is a very visual sport.

playing golf
Have a correct posture

It is exhilarating to hit the ball and see it flying. But before doing that, see to it that you perfected your posture and stance. The bend of your knees, stance width, and the distance between the club and your body have to be precise. Generally, you can pinpoint what kind of player a golfer is just by looking at their posture.

Also, a good posture determines the shape of your swing. How can you identify a good position, these are how:

  1. Stand straight and tall slightly.
  2. Have a pelvic tilt (butt out) with a flat back as you bend over.
  3. Your weight should be at the ball of your feet.
  4. It would be best to tilt your spine away from the ball so that your lead shoulder is much higher than your trailing shoulder.
  5. Your arms should hang straight down your body.

Follow all these for all good golfers have a good posture aside for all of this, good position will eliminate or reduce back pain and injury, and it can also improve your upper body rotation for best swing.

Practice pitching techniques

Most beginners find it difficult to swing the club, but you can get it right with a lot of practice. Acquiring this skill will set you apart from the average golfer. Be amazed to see how better your score will go and how more natural your game will be if you acquire a perfect pitch. There are two kinds of pitch: 1. Pitch shot – this is where the golf ball’s journey is longer through the air rather than on the green. 2. Chip shot – on the other hand, is when you are closer to the green, and the ball travels in the air for just a little while before rolling out to the hole.

The more you practice pitching, the better your distance control will be. To execute a smooth pitch, learn to use your shoulders to be more consistent. In addition to that, there are several tools and gadgets available in the market to improve your game. You can learn more by researching and obtaining more golf practicing resources. With the effort and time, you allot of practice; it will surely enhance your skill in no time.

Have a Putting Rhythm

You can say that putting is the most critical skill in golf. Rhythm is the duration of time it takes from when a golfer puts the putter up until the moment you make contact with the golf ball. This rhyme should be consistent no matter the distance of the putt. It should not change because altering your rhythm can affect the conformity of face angle and impact location.

In impact location, there are four parameters needed: first, ball position before impact. Second, the precise time of impact and third, the position of the clubhead at impact. The face angle, on the other hand, is the direction the clubface is pointed. Whether it is right or left, you can say that this is an essential element if you want to ascertain a golf ball’s starting direction.

Expect the worst about how to make a bunker shot.

What is a bunker? It is a depression on the golf course, either human-made or natural made. It is not always filled with sand. A sand strap, on the other hand, is a man-made pit filled with sand. A bunker shot is challenging, though not impossible.

It can be tough for beginners, but a golfer will know how to execute the hit with practice on the beach. You can use your typical club to hit the ball out of the bunker or use a wedge. In doing the beach drill, golfers can gradually become comfortable with hitting the difficult shots. With some tips, useful videos and practice will make you good at bunker shots.


Know Your Weaknesses

Whatever the schedule of your practice, be it every weekend, twice a week, or every day, try to keep track of your performance to see the difference in your game. Take note of where you are lacking, what techniques you find hard the most, and practice it a lot longer than needed.

In the end, a good golfer can control their golf ball. They don’t have to play or shot perfectly, but they must have the ability to make most shots go in the hole’s direction. Learn what works best for you and play your best golf based on that. Remember the saying that practice makes perfect.