If your land-going transportation is a 7X and you’re in the market for a comfortable, high-tech cruiser to cover large swaths of ocean, Pershing has an exciting new offering for you. The new-for-2020 7X is a 73-foot fiberglass and carbon fiber yacht that combines exquisite luxury with extreme performance.

Fulvio De Simoni, the 7X’s designer, has been the imagination behind Italian yacht builder Pershing’s 30-plus year success. Pershing has always focused on pushing the boundaries of yachting through performance, luxury and high-tech materials. This dedication makes the 7X just as impressive to behold as it is to enjoy on the water.

New Pershing X7 cruisingA Ship From the Future

Pershing calls the 7X’s unique new metallic paint color “Alusilver,” and it is the perfect hue for a craft that might be right at home in a science fiction novel. The 7X’s striking wedge shape incorporates nuances from a popular architectural design that gives it a modern appearance. This modern look is unmistakably the next evolution of the Pershing heritage.

Sailors won’t be disappointed once onboard the craft, where a host of high-tech features complement the boat’s good looks. It features integrated navigation and many of the smartphone-derived luxuries you might expect from a modern-day luxury car. For example, the significant use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and lithium batteries are prevalent in vehicle design.

The focus on weight reduction imbues the 7X with athletic performance, thanks to a total displacement of only 35 tons, allowing for considerable improvements in running efficiency relative to other ships of its size.

It might seem like a large number, but when you consider the yacht’s 73-foot length, it makes sense how the 7X can position itself as one of the most capable models available in its segment.
New Pershing X7 cockpit

Diesel V12 Power

Capable of a top speed of 50 knots and a cruising speed of 42 knots, the 7X can outpace many craft a fraction of its size. Its momentum is thanks to twin 1,800 metric horsepower V12 diesel engines. Thrust is routed through a Top System P85X surface drive transmission with surface propellers. It’s a combination that should provide robust acceleration along with the reliability and durability only a diesel powerplant can deliver.

Pershing has consistently used diesel power in its yachts to achieve long, reliable running times. You can even spot people selling models of the Pershing 45 — which helped make the name famous — with these reliable powerplants in good working order.

A Nice Place to Sail

Living aboard the super-modern 7X is a fantastic experience. The ship’s extravagance is thanks to a 360-degree view from the upper deck, leather-trimmed seating for eight, a lounge with a bar and, of course, a retractable TV.

The ship’s captain also enjoys a comfy seat in specially-chosen Polona Frau leather. From this spot, the captain and a co-pilot can survey dual 19-inch screens and operate the ship’s levers, joysticks and control panels with ease. And they do it all while taking in a clear view of the seas ahead from the pillarless windscreen.

Pershing X7 sundeckComfy Space for Crew and Company

When it’s time to get out of the sun, the 7X’s lower deck keeps the level of luxury high with its many portholes to let air and natural light in. An open-plan kitchen features a refrigerator and all you need to enjoy a decadent meal while on the water.

The ship has three guest cabins. The VIP cabin features a double bed with freedom of movement around three sides. The two smaller cabins are equally nicely-appointed with double beds, and all three suites feature bathrooms with standalone showers. Side cabin bathrooms double as day bathrooms.

A dedicated living quarter for the crew sits in the aft of the ship and features direct access to the cockpit. Like the guest cabins, it has a dedicated bathroom and shower. It’s a place any person on the crew would be proud to call home.

Sail the Seas With This Luxury Ride

If you’re interested in the above-20-meters segment of yachts, the 7X has to be on the shortlist of craft with cutting edge technology and features. It’s a statement from a company that continues to deliver impressive and artful designs 35 years after coming onto the scene with a splash. Pershing’s new top-of-the-line 7X is a fitting heir to De Simoni’s legacy.