Any challenge for a carmaker is to revisit its past but also move along in terms of embracing technology along with a forward outlook toward shaping its design. Hispano Suiza is a brand name that is steeped in history and its newest creation takes a cue from the past but is also unlike any other modern hypercar. The Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne have based on the 1930s H6C Dubonnet Xenia while Formula E experienced engineers, technicians, and mechanics are behind the car too. Team. In addition to that, the brand’s development driver is former Formula 1 and touring car ace Luis Pérez-Sala.

There is plenty of performance as you’d expect with 1,114 CV of power on offer while the Carmen Boulogne has 1,019 CV. Yet, despite all that power, it delivers 400 km range on a full charge in zero-emission mode with its 80-kWh battery.  In terms of raw performance, both the Carmen and Carmen Boulognecan accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds.

Carmen Boulogne Hispano Suiza carHowever, the design is also a talking point with its outlandish proportions. For the exterior of the Carmen, Hispano Suiza took the 1930s H6C Dubonnet Xenia as an inspiration. The Carmen is a modern representation of that car, adapted to the new times, with an electric motor and featuring the most advanced technology.

As for the interior, the Hispano Suiza features a mix of old and new materials like the old Hispano Suiza models of the past. On the dashboard, for example, machined aluminum and wood trim are used. The classic clock located in the middle of the dashboard is a nod to the clocks of the first cars of the brand. Likewise, the triangular gear selector is a nod to the steel triangle that could be found on previous models of the brand.

Carmen Boulogne Hispano Suiza carWith the “Unique Tailormade” program, no two cars would be the same and that is important for its owners too. Hispano Suiza clients can choose from more than 1,904 combinations for the interior and exterior of their new Carmen, thus configuring a unique model.  Production of the Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne is limited to 24 units in total.