Antolini is expanding the availability of the Preciousstone Collection, a unique curation of natural-stone slabs made of real gemstones. Gemstones are a rarer material often used in jewelry, not homes. Yet, Antolini makes whole walls and tables out of this ancient, prehistoric material.

Q04_008 brown obsidian (1)

Natural (real) gems are, of course, a finite commodity and increasingly difficult to obtain. Thus, competitors manufacture gemstones to make imitation slabs in a lab, but to create its most luxurious offering yet, Antolini harvests gems from the ground, not a petri dish. Then, the company cuts and forms the slabs in a private studio in Verona, Italy.

Q04_004 Ivory Jusper (1)

Antolini oversees the entire production from beginning to end, including the extraction from its privately-owned quarries and the development of patented enhancements that increase durability, accentuate beauty and maximize utility.

Q04_022 Retro Rainbow Jasper (1)Precioustone is evidence of Nature’s power to design. The lack of symmetry, the jagged cracks, the inconsistent colors, and every fractal of every crystal are evidence that the beauty and luxury of life exist within its peculiarities, not its perfections.