Juliettes Interiors was asked to transform a dark and tired looking one-bedroomed apartment located in Knightsbridge. This project aimed to change the uninspiring blank space into something brighter, modern, and pleasing. By the end of the project, the owners were looking to appeal to upmarket renters.

Juliettes Interiors Onslow Gardens

The team looked into the surrounding greenery for inspiration. Its goal was to generate an interdependence between building surroundings and its inner space. As such, this called for the Juliettes Interiors to try to make the most out of the floor-to-ceiling windows already in place.

Juliettes Interiors Onslow Gardens

The Redesign Process

It was agreed that the best way to make use of the open-plan living space was to add a modern glass dining table. To further make the space exciting, the table would need to go near the windows, allowing it to offer a perfect reflection of the beautiful trees outside. The budget was an important factor and would need to be strictly adhered to for the design plans to work.

Juliettes Interiors Onslow Gardens

Living Room Area

The first place to tackle was the living room area that underwent a transformation that saw it change into a stunning and airy area. Juliettes Interiors designers wanted to give the room a more relaxed feel where its owners could dine with ease. For this, they had to place luxurious surfaces all over.

Each piece used to decorate the living room, from the dining table’s delicate brass features and desk to the extravagant velvet sofa, were all delicately selected. The selection process aimed to develop a naturally sumptuous feel that would appeal to people of all tastes and preferences.

To make sure that light would bounce seamlessly around the area, it was decided that it would be best to place a black frame directly opposite the windows. Monochromatic, leafy green cushions were used to brighten the apartment. The cushions also helped to heighten interest and brighten the living room.

Juliettes Interiors Onslow Gardens

The Bathroom

Everyone knows that the bathroom is an important part of any home. For this apartment, the design team sought to provide the dated bathroom with a sleeker and more modern look.

The modernization process involved installing grey slabs all over the place. The slabs would also help to provide a functional and cleaner bathing area.

Finally, the team completed its work in this room by having lightly-washed floorboards installed. The end-product is a contemporary bathroom that looks and feels airy and bright, regardless of the time of day.

Juliettes Interiors Onslow Gardens


Being one bedroomed apartment meant there was only a single bedroom to attend to, making the process easier. Juliettes Interiors settled on a feature bed, which took a position at the center of the room. Several well-selected luxurious bedroom furniture items accompanied it.

A central mirror accompanied by elegant lamps helped to provide a homely feeling to the bedroom. Enticing textiles were then incorporated to incorporate some color.


By taking advantage of the approach Juliettes Interiors has to luxury interior design, the client ended up with a functional but well decorated upmarket rental. It’s a rental capable of appealing to different rental classes that perfectly fit within the exclusive Chelsea borough and Kensington areas.