Not everyone has to be an expert on wine to choose a bottle at a restaurant or at a store. Some basic tips and you are good to go in terms of choosing the right wine for you. Picking a bottle of wine is not as arduous a task as you might imagine, and a lot goes with some experience along with experimenting as well.

  1. The first step is to start easy and take your time as your wine preferences will change or mature over time. Starting with a light-bodied wine is much better than a full-bodied wine and you slowly gradually turn to other wines. Start with a dry white and then get to reds. At a restaurant, do not be afraid to try and then see which variety suits you.
  2. Buying wine from a dedicated wine shop is also the right decision since more thought would be put into the selection while you will no doubt have more choice.
  3. Do not be swayed by the age or the price tag of a bottle of wine since an expensive bottle of wine may not be the one for you or the type of wine you like.
  4. The occasion must dictate the type of wine you choose. A pair of red and white wines are safe choices that would be ideal for a large gathering and suit all tastes. A subtle light-bodied wine will go well here.
  5. Pairing with the food you eat is also very important the general rule of thumb dictates white wines for lighter dishes while a heavier red wine will pair better with heavier foods. Also, acidic bitter wines are a nice match for a heavy dish while sweet wine will nicely contrast a selection of salty foods. A Pinot Gris will work nicely with various mild slices of cheese.
  6. The age of the wine is an important factor but that alone should not govern your decision to pick the right bottle. The aging of wine depends on many factors including the type of wine. Typically, red wines need to be aged so the older the red wine is, the better it is.
  7. Check the label description before buying a bottle of wine and take your time in going through the details like the alcohol percentage, the description of the wine in terms of the notes/flavors, and more.
  8. Do not be afraid to experiment and try more in terms of new kinds of wines or grape varieties. It is all about enjoying and experimenting with various types of wines that suit you and you be open to trying more.