If you must jet off to your private island for a holiday, your massive private jet won’t fit the bill and that is where the Jekta PHA-ZE 100 comes into the picture. It is an amphibious seaplane and one that brings a lot of convenience with its myriad advantages. The all-electric Jekta PHA-ZE 100 provides an emissions-free cruising range and allows you to land in remote places. Being electric means, it is much kinder to the environment than conventional gas-powered aircraft, and being amphibious also helps it reach places where conventional aircraft cannot. 

Hence, it could take you to a remote island or ferry passengers across tourist spots or even be a crucial help in emergency services. The Swiss company claims that the PHA-ZE 100 will cruise up to 100 miles at 10,000 feet. Being an electric aircraft, the PHA-ZE 100 is not only more economical but also much quieter. Being amphibious also means that it helps in landing at places where conventional aircraft will find it difficult and it will of course, also do water take-offs. 

Jetka PHA-ZE 100 That said, battery electric technology has issues with range and charging but Jekta says that it will take only 45 minutes to charge via high voltages. That said, there is one useful feature where the battery is placed in a convenient way which enables one to replace it and not have to change the aircraft for it. The PHA-ZE 100 which stands for Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emission 100, comes in a variety of configurations including a 19-passenger model while there is also an executive version with four seats that rivals any business class plane or even a private jet. The flexibility means that it can carry kayaks, scuba equipment, and other gear for adventure sports.

As an electric amphibious jet, there are many scenarios where it will be useful and the clientele includes the wealthy, emergency services, and tourist applications for places where you cannot land in a conventional aircraft. The company is also looking at hydrogen as a viable alternative but while that enables you to get a longer range, the issue of refueling is there. By 2028 deliveries of this aircraft would start. The PHA-ZE 100 flying boat will be certified to EASA CS-23 and US FAA FAR-23 standards for fixed-wing passenger aircraft.