Bordeaux is snatching the claim of the world’s most expensive wine with the release of the Liber Pater, 2015 vintage which will cost $34,110 per bottle. Loïc Pasquet, the man behind Liber Pater, is taking the title from Burgandy’s Romanée-Conti Grand Cru which was priced at $20,510 per bottle.

Pasquet’s highly coveted release of the 2015 vintage also brings the story of years past as he specializes in old-school winemaking with wine-growing techniques from the 19th century. Liber Pater’s high price is in part due to the vineyard’s history of scarce output, no wine was produced in 2008, 2012 or 2013, and due to vandalism in 2016 and frost damage in 2017 no wines of that vintage either.

The release in September will be limited to just 550 bottles but only just over one half, 240 to be exact, will be sold while the rest will be cellared with a few on special hold for his daughter. The 2015 vintage will be sold or reserved prior to release by contacting Liber Pater (