Michael D Luxury Fine Art print “FUTURE” is the perfect choice for those with an aspiration of being unique

Michael D Luxury Fine Art prints are all about exclusivity, a one-of-a-kind print art. Michael’s main thought when creating the prints is granting the satisfaction for the very specific desire of being unique.
“FUTURE” is created for the wealthy individuals who want to add a glamorous flare of uniqueness to their homes while standing out amongst their guests, business acquaitances, family and friends. Michael’s Limited Edition of One offer is a seal of certainty that the bought print is the only one in existence. If there isn’t a signature in the lower right corner then it is not Limited Edition of One.
Not only Michael D Luxury Fine Art is the place to go for those who seek uniqueness, but Michael’s professionalism, desire to perfect his work of art and, most importantly, vigor are embossed into his character. 
Another way he likes to take care of his clients is by cooperating with them in the process of choosing the material the art will be displayed on as well as the framing that will embrace it. It is his way of ensuring all will fit flawlessly with the rest of their home décor.
At this moment his newest work of art is “FUTURE”. It depicts a mysterious woman looking into the distance. Her eyes are spellbound; the make-up suggests she is from the near-future… perhaps ten years from now? Her watch and fur coat give away the feeling that she is going to meet someone… a friend? No! She is too dressed up for a casual dinner… Could it be a lover? The whole excitement of the unknown is simply exhilarating…  it’s her little secret. 

Michael Fine Print Art


Plenty emotions can be gathered from viewing the print. The red and green colors that dominate the photo symbolise a specific state of mind. The deep green in the shadows conveys power… it is the color of money, inviting the assumption that she is a woman of a very powerful man in Manhattan. The red, oh the red! It shouts passion which is reflected on her enticing lips, a combination of love, lust and danger that goes with the man she is meeting.
And the best part? When your friends or family members visit and come across the print they will immediately fall in love! It is indeed an aesthetically pleasing print which also blends well with the rest of your déco; it is then that you share with them (with a slight undertone of pride): “This is a Michael D print in the Limited Edition of One” –“What does that mean?” they ask. -“Michael himself created this unique print that I exclusively bought, in other words, nobody else in the world has it.” Having such a unique print is refreshing, especially to those who truly enjoy the finer things in life. 
The art that Michael D Luxury Fine Art provides his discerning clients is unique, and the only way you can access his website is through an invite from the artist, making the whole process, from beginning to end, an exceptional experience. You are treated like royalty!
So if you truly enjoy the fine prints from Michael D Luxury Fine Art, feel free to send Michael an email at michael@michaeldphoto.com. He will be thrilled to work with you throughout the entire process, from purchasing the print, to the material of choice to have it printed on and the frame that will embrace your gorgeous, unique and elegant artwork. Maybe he’ll even send you an invite to his web so you can see the other three prints that are waiting for an exclusive customer! Michael’s print “FUTURE” is valued at $12,500 and it’s the perfect example of art that inspires the desire of being unique.