Curtiss has sold more than 1000 motorcycles to wealthy people. This company is the globe’s luxurious motorcycle seller, and their motorcycles are created on a base of simplicity and sustainability. Their latest production is the Zeus Electric Bobber.

Curtiss Zeus Company started as a small bike producer in America. In 2017 they revealed that they were switching to fully electric artisan motorcycles. From then, they have been rolling out several creative designs for powerful bikes. People can use their bikes to move around or race during their free time instead of engaging in fewer activities like playing online games. Their first-ever electric motorcycle won an award during a Quail Motorcycle gathering in 2018. Since then, the structure of that bike has been changing into various versions, including the bobber style and the café racer.

More details about the Zeus Electric Bobber motorcycle


Zeus Electric Bobber motorcycle has a glossy dark modular structure and astonishing curves. It is large and seems heavy though it is only weighing almost 475 lbs. This was achieved possibly by the aluminum frames and wheel rims that were created from solid carbon.

This luxury motorcycle is available in both Café Racer and Bobber configuration, and it was not only created to appearance. Its system for suspension is managed electrically and can be adjusted to suit the user needs. The girder-kind suspension makes low and high-speed compression and rebounds damping easy. This allows us to use it to commute daily or in spirited races.

With one hundred and ninety horses and creating nearly two hundred Nm of torque, Electric Bobber Motorcycle can finish its spring within 2.1 seconds. A rear machined 6061-T6 aluminum swingarm with middle line cantilever monoshock maintains its stability on any terrain or state. And with the Lithium-ion battery, this motorcycle has a range of 280 miles.

Zeus Electric Bobber sculptural motorcycle also has an entirely adjustable system, which is excellent for all riding ways.

Its brakes are amazing too. It has cast-iron disks and 4-piston and radially put 4D calipers.


If you are impressed by Zeus Electric Bobber Innovative Motorcycle, you should order it when it comes. You can check its images and detailed specifications online to know more about it. You will only need sixty thousand dollars to buy it. Its production is likely to begin in the early months of 2020, and the initial deliveries will follow. Are you eager to see it being driven or would love to also test it? Write to us and if you have any questions, just ask us.


About the Author: Thomas Glare loves reading about the latest productions, and Curtiss Zeus electric bike caught his attention, and he is eager to tell everyone about it. He is among the best experts to consult when it comes to anything related to bikes.