Manchester United fans have been on quite a ride in the past twelve months. The situation couldn’t have been much worse at the end of the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer era, when confidence was at an all-time low and fan patience was wearing thin. Yet now, they’re back in contention for the top positions and everything seems to be going their way. While it’s early days for the Ten Hag era, there’ll be more than a few people using a betting offer to back United to win the Premier League next season. But could it happen? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it could, and a few why it couldn’t.

For: Ten Hag Stepping Up

Erik ten Hag took to his new position at Manchester United like a duck to water, and if he ever felt the pressure of managing one of the world’s biggest clubs, then he didn’t show it. He’s more than steadied the ship. Now, the question will be whether he can take the club to the next level. It’s one thing to secure a Champions League position, but another entirely to win the Premier League. His tactical nous and decision-making in the early part of his United tenure show him to be more than capable of making that leap.

Against: Other Teams Stepping Up

There’s little doubt that Manchester United have been playing well this year. But we should keep in mind that they have benefited from poor form by Liverpool, Chelsea, and, to a lesser extent, Tottenham. Even Manchester City have failed to reach their usual high standards this time around. All those clubs should be better next year, which will make it more difficult for United to break ground and get ahead. 

For: New Owners

The Glazer era has been a disaster for Manchester United. The team is doing well now despite the owners, not because of them. With the club up for sale, next year’s United team may be bolstered by an influx of cash from their new rich owners, which is likely to be Qatar. If they splash for a couple of marquee signings, then United’s pursuit of success will look a lot stronger. 

Against: Step by Step

Manchester United are definitely moving in the right direction. And they may well win the title under Erik ten Hag. But next year is likely to be a little too soon for that. These projects usually need at least three years. The reasonable prediction would be that they challenge for the title, but ultimately fall a little short.