Are you interested in upping your fishing game, but aren’t all that sure if spending so much money is worth it? What, exactly, do you pay for when you spend a few hundred dollars on a fly rod? Is it just pricy brands, or is there a significant performance difference as you spend more and more money? Before we answer all of these questions, it is essential to mention that you are the one that understands your priorities best. It hence should look for the rod that suits you and your needs and expectations the most while considering what is of greatest importance to you.

Performance Difference

Now, there is a saying that a person doesn’t know how many light bites they’ve missed until they’ve used a high-end graphite rod, regardless of whether it’s a newbie or an experienced hobbyist. Generally speaking, going from an el-cheapo rod to a more expensive rod, you can definitely feel the difference. Expensive rods are more a lot more sensitive, able to detect smaller bites, and are generally more fun to use than their cheaper counterparts. They do a much better job of transmitting the feel of the fish you’ve hooked back to you, the fisherman or fisherwoman. If you are catching typical 1-to-15 pound bass on light or ultralight gear, this affects how well you can feel the fish fight.

Better rods cast much better as well. Ideally, they have a sharp spine, so the casting effort stays in the plane with your movement. As you pull back, it bends to load the rod, and as you go forward, the rod spring back in line with it all. So you’ll cast a lot farther and more accurately with that much less effort. Better reels, well, they feel better. More bearings lead to a smoother retrieve.

Intended Use

The performance will be different depending on your fishing style. What you that you want to achieve with your rod? As an example, if it is common for you to be on the water for a prolonged period of time, besides the action and feel of the rod, weight must be a huge factor. In that case, it’s worth investing in the weight difference to drop a few grams from a rod to prevent or prolong fatigue. If you are working with blade baits, you probably want a very specific tip action and length rod in addition to weight reduction. So then, your blade rods are worth a bigger investment since they are used frequently. That being said, when you’re trying to figure out how much you should spend on a fishing rod, or what class of rod to purchase, you also want to consider the intended use.

Ask yourself a few questions. What types of lures do you want to use with the rod? How likely it is that you’ll know a fish has struck with the technique you’re using? If you are not sure what to look for and find yourself in the sea of information, click here and yd useful guides and reviews. It is also worth mentioning that the probability is high that you just wouldn’t be able to go this deep into specifics if you are using a cheaper rod.

What Else Do You Gain from Buying a High-end Rod?

Great rods are going to allow you to get beyond the mechanics and into the fishing! And they last a lifetime as every high-quality rod is trimmed out with the very best guides, thread, high-grade cork, as well as trouble-free reel seats. Also, while not, it is not the essential thing in the world; they feel better in your hands and add a whole new sense of luxury when displayed or showcased.

Why so pricey?

The more expensive the rods get, as well all more expensive performance products give the user increases in all the valuable characteristics that enhance the use of the rod in question. This includes better weight, durability, balance, smoothness of casting stroke, uniformity of flex to enhance accuracy, vibration dampening for distance and efficiency, and designs that only very tight; quality manufacturing control can fully utilize. And, like most performance items, the last bit of perfection always costs much more than the 85th percentile of performance perfection. This is expected, considering any other high-performance products, like sports cars, musical instruments, art supplies, and others.

high-end fishing rods to useYou shouldn’t let a hobby break your budget, but if you’re going to get into one as potentially frustrating as fishing, you ought to start with decent equipment. And considering the lifespan of more expensive fishing rods, the overall performance, as well as the possibility to modify and customize in order to achieve very specific goals – it really is worth it.