There is no dearth of off-road recreational vehicles but Canadian start-up Potential Motors has come up with something quite unique too. Their Adventure 1 Camper is a compact off-road RV designed to fit into any terrain with ease. This is a fully integrated electric off-roader with some specific set of talents being infused in.

Driving in the Adventure 1 Camper, you get a sense of being in a van with an off-road heart of sorts, but the reality is different. It has a space explorer vehicle vibe with a futuristic look to it along with large windows affording excellent visibility. The cab-forward architecture thus helps one negotiate narrow trails and get a better view of the road ahead or the lack of it! The boxy proportions are further helped with off-road friendly lines and that gives the Adventure 1 a tough no-nonsense look. It has a 40-degree approach angle, 45-degree departure angle along with a 29-degree breakover angle which it can tackle serious off-roading with ease.

potential adventure camper

The suspension is 9.84″ rear & back and the ground clearance stands at an impressive 12.9″. The Adventure 1 is licensed as a UTV or OHV, meaning it can be driven on off-road trails, and can be driven nearly anywhere too. In terms of power, this off-road RV has a dual-motor layout which obviously brings in the safety net of all wheel drive as well. Despite its small proportions, the power is plenty on tap with 350hp and 737 FT-LB of torque. It also has a healthy 100 miles range.

potential adventure camper

The interior design is simple with a massive Tesla-esque screen while the quality on offer seems to pass muster in terms of its segment. The sense of toughness with the design and simplicity is there too. You can see the roof rack set-up and it also houses a spare tire. It is a four-seater but two can sleep here as well. There is an integrated full-size bed and a slide out kitchen too. The Adventure 1 also water proof and dustproof hence, conditions won’t affect. The Adventure 1 can be towed and there is tow charging as well which means it is adventure ready anytime!

Priced at $136,600, the Adventure 1 caters to a specific niche quite well and acts as an off-road Swiss army knife with an adventure streak. The fact that it will be built in limited numbers will also add to the desirability in making it an exclusive product.