The AC Cobra has been one the most iconic sports car and its shape remains etched in enthusiasts’ memories all over the world. In the US, called Shelby Cobra, the V8 muscle being combined with a lightweight body proved to be a recipe for success and changing the sports car world forever. Now, the AC Cobra is back but this time brimming with new-age technology while still flaunting a big V8. 

AC Cars Cobra is a reborn iteration of the original while sprinkled with modern amenities. Design-wise, it remains faithful to the 60s AC Cobra with the same design language albeit with the silhouette being slightly swollen to accommodate taller drivers while also meeting new norms. The length has grown by 110mm to 4’225mm while the wheelbase is also longer to have more space on the inside. A beautiful carbon composite body is brimming with all the classic design cues while the headlamp design or the wheels have a slight whiff of modernity.

099 AC Cobra GT RoadsterThe new car uses an aluminium space frame chassis while being stiffer and lighter along with affording better packaging for various components like the steering or the suspension. The cabin is a mix of the old and new with analogue displays along with digital ones. The overall design is still a classic British roadster with the focus being firmly on the driving experience rather than distracting from it.

A wider track has also greatly improved the weight distribution and centre of gravity while the car’s suspension configuration and geometry have been developed in close collaboration with a professional UK race team. Hence, the new car might be less of a handful than the original while still maintaining some of the core DNA. We expect the driving experience to be on a broader scale along with that distinct V8 sound.

099 AC Cobra GT RoadsterThe powertrain surely remains a highlight and that’s because it is a V8- a rare commodity in the world of ever-increasing electric cars. It uses a V8 which develops 654bhp (663PS) and 575 lb-ft (780Nm), and with the choice of a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic gearbox, the Cobra GT does satiate the enthusiast in terms of its specifications. A manual gearbox along with a V8 in a rear-drive sports car focused on lightness is indeed a rare thing in today’s world and that recipe still holds true from its 60’s predecessor.

AC cars say that with the new car weighing under 1500kg, acceleration will be properly quick with the 0-60mph sprint being in the region of 3.4 seconds. Yet, the car will be a basic sports car with nothing in terms of features as it will have navigation, power windows, climate control and an infotainment system along with more options.

099 AC Cobra GT RoadsterThe new Cobra GT Roadster is very much road legal and a much more complete package in terms of appealing to many markets. Hence, this is a car that draws appeal from the 60s car but with even better looks and ergonomics. Priced at £285,000 in the UK, it will be a sports car that delivers a driving experience now found in others in terms of a raw V8 rich characterful sports car.