Thordur Sigurosson makes steam in Iceland. He is the head distiller at William Grant & Sons’ distillery in Borgarnes on the west coast of Iceland , fifty miles from the capital , Reykavik.

“Reyka” is the Icelandic for steam and that is the name of Iceland’s first and so far only vodka. Filtered through lava rock, using a 192-proof grain spirit from Scotland as well as a Carter-Head copper still made by Forsyth’s of Rothes , the former mechanical engineer who was brought up in the small fishing village makes batches of 2800 litres.

His one-man distillery is run completely on geothermal power from a natural hot spring, making it the world’s first green distillery making the world’s first green vodka.

Sigurosson collects volcanic rocks by hand and dilutes with Arctic rain. He describes his uniquely provenanced 80 proof vodka as “ really cool”.