For those who want to take elevated dining to a new level are in luck as now you can dine 1,000 feet above London and soar to new heights. So long are patio views or rooftops with picturesque backdrops, as Roocopter One, the world’s first helicopter restaurant, debuted earlier in August to much pomp and circumstance.

Deliveroo, a U.K.-based food-delivery service, partnered with Charter-A helicopter fleet to give users a new meaning to an elevated dining experience. While taking in the city from above, up to five users can chow down on your choice of fare from nearly double the current tallest restaurant in the city, the 574ft-above-ground Duck & Waffle.

Before flying up high, guests lucky enough to be chosen will select from Deliveroo’s current popular offerings like Chipotle and Bababoom from a Battersea helipad to eat while in the sky. During the 20-minute flight, enjoy views of the Shard and the O2 Arena while cruising over England’s capital city.

The cost for the entire package, meal, and flight included, is expected to be around £149.