Salt vine, Best Wines in Napa Valley California

When you buy the best grapes Napa Valley has to offer and give a 10 time, 100-point vintner carte-blanche to create the best wine possible without restrictions – the result speaks for itself. For co-founders Marc and Ashley Wade, vintner Mike Smith and renowned Sommelier Ryan Curry, this was their vision.

Salt Vine Wines proprietors Marc and Ashley Wade

“Buying the best fruit, having the best wine maker making your wine and delivering as much or as little volume as those grapes allow you is unheard of. There is no business plan and that is the point,” said Marc Wade. “The greatest things in life don’t come with certainty.”

It is because of this that SALT vine Wines’ Cabernet Sauvignon and Rosé of Pinot Noir are flying off the shelves in select stores and the most exclusive dining establishments are having trouble keeping it stock.

Born from a lifestyle that Marc Wade personifies, SALT vine Wine is the embodiment of a laid-back, relaxed attitude without pretense or circumstance. After 20 years in finance, Wade continues the busy business of Toronto’s Bay Street – but from the relaxing shores of Southern California. SALT is one of his many passion projects, which includes a partnership with Rande Gerber of Casamigos Tequila.Salt Vine Wines

What SALT vine offers, over and above its exquisite taste, is an experience. Wade encourages people to enjoy the wine while with family and friends in any setting – beyond just the Michelin-starred restaurants.  

“We invite friends over and enjoy our wine on the beach around a bonfire, with every type of cuisine. I love the Cab with an amazing burger. Again – it’s the experience. It goes beyond just enjoying an amazing bottle of wine. It is truly a lifestyle that we embody.”

Salt Vine Wines Cabernet

While the idea was always to create an exquisite Cabernet, the inspiration for SALT’s Rosé came from a trip the Wade’s took to France where they tasted a Rosé so unbelievable it had them craving it when they came home. They returned wanting to make a Rosé the traditional way it is made in France.

Salt Vine Wines

SALT vine Wine boasts two types of wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Rosé of Pinot Noir. Both cultivated from the best fruit, in that moment, at that time. The Cabernet’s aroma displays a mix of intense, ripe berries, blackberry tea, sweet tobacco, cacao nib and cassis. Upon your first sip, you will taste dark berries and chocolate shavings. As you continue to enjoy you will find vanilla, warm baking spices and macerated blackberries. SALT’s Rosé of Pinot Noir is a very pale pink that hosts flavours of wild raspberry, peach, and blood orange. If you are a Rosé lover, this Rosé promises vivid flavours and a long finish.Salt Vine Wines

Enjoying a glass of SALT vine Wine should be like hearing your favourite song… It can bring you back to a time or place in an instant. SALT vine Wine was created to enjoy moments, so let your moments be #betterwithsalt.

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