Founded in 2010, Sian Zeng’s hand-drawn designs have become synonymous with enchanting fun wallcoverings and interior accessories inspired by the designer’s own dream-like narratives. 

Sian Zeng’s Hua Trees Collection is the brand’s exclusive mural design and most popular range, hand-painted at 100% scale and scanned to preserve every minute detail. The unique construction of repeating panels means this high-quality wallpaper will fit any wall width, making it more affordable than bespoke wall murals without any loss of image quality.

Painted using Chinese inks in a non-traditional style, the design of the Hua Trees Collection is a reflection of Sian Zeng’s own European and Chinese cultural heritage. The diverse tonal qualities in this wallpaper artwork create a feeling of distance and space, offering precise detail on an impressive scale.

The range is available either as Classic Wallpaper or Sian Zeng’s exclusive Magnetic Wallpaper. Colour variants for both wallpaper types include Pink and Grey.

The Hua Trees Magnetic Wallpaper range comes with a unique magnetic liner that transforms this wall mural into an interactive work of art. Hide a mini house amongst the swaying branches, or let flying pigs catch forty winks at the end of another magical day. With Sian’s range of complimentary magnets, a simple roll of wallpaper can transform into a customer’s own personal tale.

Every roll of Sian Zeng’s Hua Trees luxury wallpaper is printed in England with eco-friendly ink and paper. This soft, dreamy landscape as piqued the interests of many stylists and interior designers, including TV host Emily Henderson.

The Hua Trees Wallpaper designs are available exclusively at or via the Sian Zeng retail network.